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Realisationism/Realizationism can be explained quite simply.

It is like someone showing how a magic trick works. The transformation from something totally baffling to something so simple and easy to understand is amazing. We are astonished and dumbfounded by the trick as long as the Magician holds on to its ‘Magic Circle’ secret!

To explain Realisationism we must understand the trick. To do this we need to think differently, to contradict the Establishment views imprinted in our unconscious and subconscious memory over generations.

This is now possible with the growing acceptance, over the past 20 years, of what was once a ‘crackpot’ idea, that alien forms of life may exist in our Universe.

What if alien forms of life landed on Earth in our pre-history – around 13,000 years ago?

I am aware that this is a giant leap of faith, but is integral to the concept of Realisationism which requires a belief in an ancient extra-terrestrial led civilisation, way before the Egyptians, which has hitherto been hidden, deliberately misrepresented or destroyed.

So, what happened to this early civilisation established by extra-terrestrials?

Worldwide evidence indicates a major disturbance on Earth around 10,500 years ago that devastated large areas of our planet. Some suggest a meteor strike, but whatever the reason the ancient civilisation was severely impacted by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and a massive tsunami. (Younger Dryas Global Event).

All religions describe a Great Flood around 10,500 years ago – Noah for example in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.

Did a group of our early extra-terrestrial/human survivors, Noah perhaps, who understood and was witness to this amazing first civilisation, hold on to some of the incredible extra-terrestrial led knowledge and archives from the Universe? Was this information saved in the mythical ‘ark’??

We are led to believe the ‘Ark’ to be a large boat where Noah brought in the animals “two by two”. Has this word ‘Ark’ been deliberately misinterpreted? It is now suggested that the correct translation for the word ‘Ark’ is “a pointed stone structure” – a pyramid? Is it more likely the ‘Ark’ was some sort of storage facility – maybe one of the surviving pyramids in Egypt with the information long since moved to a more secure secretive location?

Maybe animals were taken into an ‘Ark’ – a scientific pyramid, two by two for experimental purposes. Horses, bulls, homo sapiens, birds, etc.

Perhaps the hybrid Sphinx was built in front of the Great Pyramid to represent the location where crossbreed creatures were “created”. Could this explain why hundreds of mythical creatures described in Greek mythology for example, the minotaur, centaur and dragon, did actually exist but as freaks didn’t survive long after the catastrophic event? Will we soon have the technology to repeat these early experiments?

In the aftermath of the devastation is it possible that a group of Elites, (a complex ‘Magic Circle’), took control and were able to hide much of the extra-terrestrial knowledge from the remaining confused survivors?

Has our early civilisation and evolution been deliberately obscured by a group of Elites who have continually held power over the rest of us since this time via a larger Establishment group?

Elites can easily manipulate the Establishment via Projects Greed, Fear and Power plus their ability to easily discredit and destroy anyone who becomes a threat to their power and authority. The Establishment use similar tactics on the rest of us!

I don’t believe the rich well-known families such as the Vanderbilt, Rockefellers and Carnegies or even monarchs, media moguls and politicians were Elites. They were merely rich Establishment figures along with other very rich families who could manipulate the rest of the population in a similar way.

Who were these Elites? Knights Templar, Druids, Freemasons, perhaps? Where are they today? Do Elites still exist?

Maybe the Elites have long gone due to their own fragilities leaving us to be ruled by a clueless Establishment! Can we be saved from their immoral capitalistic greed and stupidity?

I believe some of the extra-terrestrial hierarchy who survived the disaster were unable to join or unaware of the Elites. They became part of the general population of survivors.

This could explain why across the centuries every generation has produced “Wise men”. Some were quickly discredited, persecuted or worse, as possible threats to the Elites. Many survived.

Is it possible that some of the great thinkers in the past, e.g. Socrates, Buddha and Confucius somehow survived the Elites and came to their conclusions and doctrines based on much of our early history which has now become obscured or lost?

The three great thinkers mentioned above were lovers of wisdom and wished for a world where society was in harmony. Are they echoing something from their research or unconscious memory that had previously existed? Of course, this can only be speculation and the idea that the seeds of Humanity came from extra-terrestrials can only be blind faith at this time.

Are we now beginning to realise that we are all and have always been so very clever? There is no comparison when equated to our nearest relatives the chimpanzee and bonobo?

Darwinism doesn’t explain human development from homo sapiens. Does a missing link(s) exist? Or did homo sapiens develop with little change to their physical structure, but with an Alien Visitor gene possessing great intelligence and knowledge?

I believe we are beginning to wake up to the idea that we have all inherited amazing knowledge via a ‘trans-generational memory gene‘ that has been passed down to us from our first ET/Homo sapiens offspring! We all have amazing knowledge hidden in our unconscious memory.

Thankfully, every generation is producing more and more of us with greater wisdom and knowledge than the Establishment. Is it naïve to think the Establishment will change or step aside to allow others more open-minded with the ability to look after and govern our planet more fairly and responsibly? Or is this just a pipe dream?

Throughout human history not only have we been excluded from the ‘Magic Circle’ secrets, but we have been deliberately side-tracked when getting too close to the answer!

This is particularly true when investigating pre-historic ancient megaliths and stone structures which can help us find the answers!

We are beginning to realise the scientific complexity of pyramids, built on every continent on Earth for different functions, but all producing various forms of energy. There appears to have been amazing knowledge on Earth at this time?

I believe we are entering an age of Realisationism where we are beginning to comprehend how and why we are being manipulated and to recognise how easy it is to be manipulated.

The Establishment is now trying to control what we can and can’t say under their guise of “political correctness”, making a mockery of the millions who died in the last century fighting for our freedom.

But they can’t control what we think!

We need to think for ourselves, to contradict the Establishment views imprinted in our unconscious and subconscious memory over time.

I hope the Realisationism movement gains momentum to take control of our own destiny for the sake of our children and our precious planet.


“The missing link between animals and the real human being is most likely ourselves”. Konrad Lorenz

“Nothing exists except atoms and space; everything else is opinion”. Democritus of Abdera

“The simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity”. Edward de Bono.

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