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The worldwide Islamic invasion was envisioned by Nostradamus in the mid-1500s. Among other prophesies, he described Anti-Christian Muslim forces in Iraq and Syria, and persecution in the Muslim countries of Asia, especially Turkey. From Israel the war extends to Western Europe and there will be a Third World War using nuclear missiles…

In his apocalyptic prophesies, Nostradamus described the Islamic demographic movement or invasion into Europe. This prophesies has become a reality.

From 1990 to 2010 there was significant demographic change in most European countries. The natural immigration from Islamic countries into Europe has significantly increased the size of the Muslim minorities in those countries.

Muslims struggle to convert the world to Islam. In the past, Christianity and Islam wanted to spread the word to everybody everywhere, by force if necessary. Today Christians and certain other religions no longer wish to use force in the name of their faith; however, Muslims do.

In this age of political correctness in Europe and in the USA, this invasion is generally ignored in the name of multiculturalism. Muslims even have right-wing acceptance and support from anti-Jewish elements in Europe.

Time is working in favour of the Muslim minorities. As Europe becomes older, the Muslim communities will develop into the majority as their demographic increase is about three times greater than that of indigenous Europeans. Yet another prophesy of Nostradamus is being fulfilled.

There are those who do not believe in prophesies in general and particularly not those written in riddles, which may have multiple interpretations.

When one considers the many prophesies that have proven correct, however, it is rather difficult to dismiss them as nonsense.

La grande bande et secte crucigere,

Se dressera en M├ęsopotamie:

Du proche fleuve compagnie lege,

Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie. [CIII, Q61]

The great band and anti-Christian sect of Muslims will rise up in Iraq and Syria near the Euphrates with a tank force and will hold the [Christian] law to be its enemy.

This particular interpretation was by Jean-Charles de Fontbrune, translated by Alexis Lykiard, printed back in 1984. A later interpretation is:

The great host and sect of the crusaders,

Will be massed in Mesopotamia:

Of the nearby river the fast company,

That such law will hold for the enemy.

This Islamic evolution seems to be inevitable and at the same time we can see the long-term influence of technology on demographic changes and the desire of people for freedom.

This evolution is particularly noticeable in countries where people are oppressed by civilian or military dictatorships.

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