Lindsay Lohan – Phony Lesbian Cash Cow For Sam Ronson

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Thanks to fake lesbian love, Samantha Ronson has been raking in the dineros. The club DJ and sister to hit music producer Mark Ronson and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson, used to receive $1500 a night, but she now brings in $25,000 a night thanks to her very famous and very special friend Lindsay Lohan. This makes her yearly income a whopping $3 million a year; not too shabby for sticking to a relationship full of intrigue and conflict.

“While Sam never contractually agrees that Lindsay will show up to her shows, promoters, owners and publicists all know that if you book Sam, there’s a high likelihood Lindsay will also show,” said an insider who happens to rub elbows with the celebrity couple. “Sam’s now asking for a lot more money to spin, and she’s getting it easily.”

Besides simply getting to see the two of them together, people also get their money’s worth seeing the two of them fight, which seems to be happening at greater and greater frequency lately. Sam has been trying to get her very own record produced, and is adamant that her Mean Girls girlfriend, who is also known for killing careers in a jiffy, not meddle during the album’s production.

At a club in Miami recently, Lohan was sulking alone in one spot and, when asked if she was doing alright, her response was, “Sam is hired to host tonight, not me.”

“They fight everyday,” a friend of theirs divulged. “It’s just jealousy and childish bickering over the fact that neither feels the other pays enough attention. While they really do love each other, this relationship will be over by March.”

There has been much speculation over how authentic their relationship is. Many have accused Lohan of pretending to be a lesbian in yet another attempt to get everyone’s attention. It seems, this time around, that Ronson has also been getting plenty of benefits in return. Besides getting exclusive rights to Lohan’s famous knockers, she also gets to be a millionaire! Whether true, lesbian love or true financial dependence will keep their flame alive, however, remains to be seen.

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