Board Games Vs The Movies

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So I know we all want entertainment. It seems as though it is that endless black hole that we are spending money on. Of course it is the reason why we want money in the first place, right? We work 40+ hours a week so that in our limited spare time we can use that money to play. Well, whether it be boating, hiking, movies, games, or sports that you choose to spend your money on, the fact of the matter is, that some forms of entertainment are more or less expensive than others. Let me take you on a little tour.

There are a few classifications of entertainment. One is the completely free group. This includes going on hikes, going on a walk, or playing some game that requires no additional items than one already possesses. The second is mid-range entertainment. This probably includes going out to eat or seeing a newly released movie. Just about anyone can afford this entertainment every once in a while. Then there is the third. This is your expensive forms of entertainment. These are the golfers, the boaters, and the shoppers. Too bad we can’t all be in the third category. Some would list board gamers as somewhere in between the second and third category, but I am here to tell you that this is a complete misconception. Board games are one of the cheapest forms of entertainment and let me tell you why.

Board games can cost up to what, $50.00? This may seem like a lot to you at the time, but let me tell you why is far more of an investment than it is an expense. When I go to the movies I generally spend a minimum of $10.00. For me and my wife to go to the movies together it is $20.00. That is sounding a little more familiar now, isn’t it? Well, when we take another couple with us, it ends up being over $40.00 before the night it over between all of us. The movie lasted for about two hours, so we were paying around $5.00 per hour of entertainment. Some may consider that a pretty good turn-around rate, but not me.

Say we had bought a board game instead of going to the movies. My average board game will take about an hour to an hour and a half for one game. Assuming that we play more than one round, we have officially achieved the equivalent of a movie for a similar price. But don’t stop yet. After the night is over and your friends are gone home, you know that next week you are going to do something else. You are back to square one if you saw the movie and it is likely that you will spend over $40.00 again between you and the people you go with. The board game has gone nowhere. In fact, board games are tailored to be played multiple times without getting boring. So, Why in the world would you spend so much money on seeing a movie every week (which is made to be watched only once)? Buy a board game and save yourself some money. it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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