3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Starve Yourself

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I’ve seen several women at the gym who literally starve themselves by not eating properly. They skip meals regularly hoping to lose those unwanted poundages off their belly quickly and naturally. Perhaps, these women get the idea of such method from movies or television shows where celebrity idols admit to do the same in order to lose weight. Or maybe they’ve read it in a popular women’s magazine.

Whatever the reasons are, I don’t believe starving yourself is the best way to lose weight. Here are my 3 big reasons why I said so.

1. You won’t lose weight

You will probably lose some weight by starving yourself since you’re not taking-in any calories, for your body to stay alive it should get the nutrients it needs somewhere else. It will consume your body fat then your muscles (a good source of protein) to maintain bodily functions. However, in the long run your body will “adapt” to your diet/starvation routine that it will lower your metabolism to lessen the calories you need.

This is the pre program mechanism of your body thousands of years ago when our forefathers experience famine every now and then. Our body adapted to this scenario (starvation) by decreasing one’s metabolism.

In other words, you might notice that the longer you practice starving yourself the harder for you to lose weight.

2. You’ll feel disappointed

This is in conjunction with the 1st reason I told you. By starving ourselves, our body’s metabolism decreases hence decreasing the pace we lose weight. When we realize this fact, frustration and disappointment sink in to our brains. This plus the fact that we force ourselves not to eat the delicious food we like to eat makes it even worse!

After a few weeks and months of enduring the emotional and mental anguish of not eating enough food you will finally give up. What do you do next? Obviously, you will eat like there’s no tomorrow. You’re frustrated, you’re hungry and so you’ll eat a lot. What will happen after that? You will gain everything you lost and gain more pounds.

3. You might get sick

Since you’re not feeding your body with the necessary food you need, you are not getting enough nutrients to fend off bacteria and airborne viruses. Your body’s immune system will lower eventually because of food deficiency due to starvation. Once your body’s defense is lowered you are now very vulnerable to disease and more.

These are just some of the after effect and worse things that can happen to your body by trying to lose weight wrongly. You can lose unwanted fat but you have to focus on things that will benefit your body in the long run.

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