Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: True Celebrity Love Destiny

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Best known for their appearances as star crossed lovers in the Twilight series movies, both Robert Pattinson, (born in the year 1986) who played as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart, (born in the year 1990) who played as Bella Swan, have been in the limelight as a couple for quite some time now. Many may feel that they are not the best candidates for celebrity love destiny together, but we feel differently for a number of reasons. Here, we will let you know why we think these two are meant to be together through examining their past and present history together.

Where They Were

These two were somewhat bound to be a celebrity love destiny match from their first appearance on the silver screen. It was clear in all the Twilight films that both Stewart & Pattinson had great chemistry in the movies. After appearing as the vampire couple, it seemed that the dreams of many fans came true when they began a very serious relationship. They gave interviews about their love, appeared at events together, and were very in love. Most of all, they seemed compatible in a number of ways, ranging from age and occupation to interests and outlook.

Where They Are Now

Now, since a recent scandal where Pattinson was accused of cheating on Stewart, many may see this couples’ chances of making their celebrity love destiny come true as being very low. However, in a recent interview, Stewart actually defended Pattinson, and his choices in their relationship. Neither of them has openly talked ill of the other. This demonstrates that while they were together, they were very attracted, and enjoyed being with one another. Now, even apart, despite the stress placed upon them by the public and the media, both, they keep trying to make it work, just as many other couples find themselves doing on a daily basis.

The Final Verdict

Personally, it seems that this celebrity love destiny is meant to be. Only the next few months will tell, but we bet that these two will get back together again, to stay. Not only will this be a triumph for their relationship, but also for those millions of fans who have always believed in their relationship. We have nothing but good thoughts for these two as they do their best to reconcile any differences that may still be lingering, and to be with the one they are meant to be with.

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