Fame is a Fickle Mistress – The Most Washed Up Celebrities Ever

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Fame is a very fickle mistress. When you’re a Hollywood celebrity, all you have to do is make one false move, star in one bum movie, be embroiled in one scandal, or most of the time just let time pass you buy and you suddenly find yourself forgotten by everyone except Hollywood archivists and die hards. As much as many celebrities would like their stars to shine forever, it is an unfortunate fact that in the movie industry, you fame rarely outlives you. A lot of people, especially from the comedy and action sectors have experienced this first-hand when they refuse to diversify or improve on their acting prowess.

Here is a list of those once-big celebrities that used to be part of our afternoon sessions or our fond conversations but are now relegated to the back burner. Though they may be afterthoughts now, it’s also cool to remember that there was a time when these people were once at the top of the world in their respective fields. These miserable souls include:

– Gary Coleman: Many television fans of yesteryears would remember the hit TV show ‘Different Strokes’ which made celebrities like Gary Coleman famous. His is actually a success story of sorts because Coleman was born with a congenital kidney disorder that left him a short as he was. He overcame that and became a star on ‘Different Strokes’, but this too would prove to be his downfall. He would forever be typecasted as the black kid who said “What you talkin’ bout, Willis?” and his future endeavors would never match this success.

– Corey Feldman: One of the shining stars of the 80s became one of its biggest disappointments as Corey Feldman, who was fresh off hit movies like ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Lost Boys’ suddenly turned to drugs and fell victim to their potency. His star fell during the 90s and one of the hottest teen sensations of the 80s has yet to recover his stride.

– Jean-Claude Van Damme: ‘The Muscles From Brussels’ was once the top action star in the world with the release of ‘Bloodsport’ in 1988. a slew of movies would soon follow to capitalize on the star power of this newly born action icon, but his career slowed down in the mid-1990s. He has no recent movies and only a ‘What’s Your Game’ commercial appearance to show for himself recently.

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