Why Men Find Nice Butts So Sexy

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Here’s a scene that takes place everyday, in every city.

A man is walking down the street, minding his own business, and then from a distance, he sees an attractive woman, or a woman with an alluring walk. As they approach each other, he checks her out from head-to-toe (or at least from head to waist), awaiting the fleeting moment when they will come face-to-face. When she passes him, she grants him a clear view of her butt as she walks by.

The man doesn’t have to look – but he usually does. Why is that? Is it instinctive? Or habitual? Is it wanton lust? Or just male curiosity?

Perhaps the answer to these questions will vary among men, but all will agree on one thing: there’s just something about a nice butt that we find very sexy. When I say “nice,” I’m allowing for variations in definition here.

Some men like small, perky butts. Some like voluptuous, heart-shaped butts. Some men like firm, athletic butts. Some men like petite, model-like butts. Others like butts that are round, but not obtrusive. Many like shapely butts that are in proportion to a woman’s figure.

There are some who don’t particularly care about butts at all (they are in the minority). Then there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum who like big, even gargantuan butts.

Speaking of big butts, they tend to create a more pear-shaped body, which according to scientists makes better use of insulin, which can offer protection against type 2 diabetes and heart disease. In addition, extra “padding” is still believed to facilitate pregnancy.

Bigger bottoms are also big news in Hollywood and to plastic surgeons.

Butt implants (a.k.a. Brazilian Butt Lifts) have proven effective in enhancing the size and shape of butts. Women who are unhappy with the size of their butts benefit from increased volume. Patients who feel their buttocks lack shape can be given a more prominent, sensuous backside.

The appeal of the butt is a popular and sexual phenomenon.

Yes, men do feel that there’s a strong correlation between a woman’s butt, and her sexual prowess. Unknown to many women, it’s not just the size or shape of the butt that peaks our interest, it’s the presentation of the butt that men find appealing. We call it “framing.” Just like what you do with a photo.

When a butt is properly framed in the right article of clothing, it’s just as beautiful as a photo. When it’s exceptional, it’s more like an exotic painting. No matter what type of butt a woman has it can – like any photo – be enhanced with good framing. Thongs are one example of this effect.

Careful selection of wardrobe and appropriate fit on a woman’s butt is essential.

Some butts look great in tight jeans. Some look better in dresses. Some look better in skirts. A woman’s butt should never have the appearance of sagging in clothing. Never.

Equally as arousing to men is the movement of the butt. Why do you think strippers are so popular? Ask a man who frequents such establishments and he will tell you, the girls who can move their butts the best tend to get the most tips.

That movement is not limited to lap dances and poles. The movement of the butt is a natural thing of beauty which reveals a wealth of information about a woman such as her self-confidence, sexual-confidence, and sexual vitality. It’s called “booty language.” Men become more fluent with it as their sexual experiences increase.

Some butts have too much movement, resembling a plate of jelly on a roller coaster. Some butts move awkwardly. Some butts move gracefully. Some are captivating. Those are the ones that beckon men, practically mesmerizing them; inspiring fantasies and visions of nakedness. Why?

Because unlike breasts which are really for nursing babies, nice butts are viewed by men as the key to a treasure chest of pleasure. Some men swear that a nice butt reveals a woman’s anatomical fit, sexual responsiveness, amount of past sexual activity, frequency of exercise, and ability to achieve orgasm. It’s a highly functional body part which reveals loads of information.

Even though men like the aesthetic value of a nice butt and the intrigue and promise that it holds, women, from an anthropological perspective, have a more viable reason to seek out, and appreciate nice butts on men.

Turns out that a strong, muscular butt on a man can be perceived as an indication of his “thrusting” power. It correlates with his ability to deeply insert himself into the vagina, closer to the cervix, to ejaculate his sperm, which increases the likelihood of procreation.

Clearly, nice butts are not just for viewing; they serve a function for both men and women.

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