Secrets of Seminar Marketing During Hard Economic Times

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For many years seminar marketing has been a highly effective tool to market products and services. However, seminar marketing has been forced to evolve during these hard economic times. During this recession many companies are reluctant to send their employees to far off seminars, and many individuals are unwilling to travel to attend seminars.

Today’s seminar marketers have found the need to develop new ways of reaching their potential prospects, these include:

  • Online seminars or webcasts
  • Podcasts
  • Online video
  • Video or audio blogs

While these methods have helped some seminar marketers, it has not been enough to make up for the lost revenue from declining seminar attendance. The declining attendance at seminars has fueled an increase demand for seminar content that is tangible.

What is tangible seminar content?

Tangible seminar content deals with the production and marketing of seminar materials to seminar participants and non-participants. Tangible seminar materials include CD’s, DVD’s, books, manuals, software packages, tools etc. Creative seminar marketers now realize the need to expand their tangible offers in order to deal with declining seminar participation.

How are creative seminar marketers expanding?

Creative seminar marketers have began to create websites geared toward the sale of their tangible seminar materials. Seminars have been recorded, and packaged into small kits that typically contains books (manuals), CDs or DVDs and sold to non-participants. This strategy has worked very well for many nimble seminar marketers.

What type of packaging does tangible seminar materials require?

Once the non-participant has purchase the tangible seminar package, the professional seminar marketer can easily ship the package to the customer using many off-the-shelf professional packaging and mailing products. Typical professional mailing packages include; DVD Literature Mailer Kits and CD Literature Mailer Kits.

DVD Literature Mailer Kits

A typical seminar kit containing a DVD and a book or manual can be professionally shipped using high quality DVD literature mailer kits. A typical DVD literature mailer kit has an insert to hold the DVD safely in place, and has room to accommodate a book or manual.

CD Literature Mailer Kits

A seminar kit containing a CD and a book or manual can be professionally shipped using high quality CD literature mailer kits. Like a DVD literature mailer kit, a CD literature mailer kit has an insert to hold the CD safely in place, and has room to accommodate a book or manual.

Why use professional CD or DVD literature mailing kits?

Professional literature mailing kits will give a professional appearance to your materials, while protecting your items from shipping damage. Using professional packaging materials will show your customers that your operation is professional and will give you the ability to use that perception to obtain referrals from your customers through the use of referral cards or other referral vehicles.

Thinking about selling your seminar as a tangible product? Think about using professional mailing kits.

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