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An Introduction to Video Streaming for Expert Consultants

Recent developments in e-commerce and video streaming online allow experts to directly reach consumers. Therapists can consult with their clients from abroad. Personal trainers can keep their clients on track while they’re on vacation. English Teachers can reach students in Ecuador, and Spanish teachers can video stream with students in Manhattan! The opportunity to expand your business with video streaming platforms exists, and this article will help you when considering the technical aspects of building a streaming community for your expert advice.

Below, you will find some useful information on using this new technology to build your business and expand your fans.

What do i need to begin streaming live video to expand my business?

1. A computer equipped with a camera, or a camera capable of live streaming
2. A quiet, well-lit space from which to broadcast live

Live Video Streaming leads to Social Media Expansion

When you begin streaming, live, online, you can likely expect your twitter followers to spike and your Facebook fans to increase!

Some useful preparation techniques before beginning your live broadcast.

The P O R C H Method

People Who is your audience? After your first few live broadcasts you will get a sense of your demographic.

Organize How can you better organize your live streaming broadcast to suit the demographic you’ve identified? What’s their attention span like? Younger fans will likely be interested in shorter broadcasts, or they may want to come and go throughout an hour or two of live streaming.

Respect As you broadcast live, you must be considerate of what your audience wants to see and discuss. There’s no better way to get a sense of what your fans want than through streaming broadcast. You’ll be able to see an immediate response from your customers when they want to stay on a topic or need more live advice in regards to a particular area you’re chatting about.

Contact Take the time to look up contact info for people who attend your live broadcast on your streaming video channel. Follow them on Twitter. Add them to your email list. Let them know about the next time you plan to broadcast live video.

Hospitality What are you going to do to make your viewers feel not like fans, but like friends? Your fans and customers are, after all, welcoming you live into their homes! Never underestimate the value of humor when being hospitable in the virtual world.

Never underestimate the performance of talking through your broadcast before you start streaming video live for your fans! A few solid rehearsals and some brainstorming sessions will lead to a successful live broadcast for your brand.

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