Paris Hilton – Her Qualities

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We cannot to tell you more about her good qualities, that’s quite impossible. But we will tell you some of the qualities that the public, the press and the Hollywood knows about her.

Hailed to be the real embodiment of America’s True Princess, bypassing Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and her sister Nicky Hilton in the third place, Paris Hilton seem to have captured the American majority opinion on what an American Princess should be like.

That was stunning indeed since for long years, Ms. Caroline had been reigning as the epitome of being the American Princess. But this result lead to the conclusion that an American Princess is very far from being an American Royalty where class, intelligence, finesse, beauty and everything admirable in between take the greater part of the pie. American Princess therefore means that the “princess’ must be from a famous family (not necessarily a good one), and should be backed by great wealth and acceptable attitude. The rest of the criteria include a split between a multi-dollar home, jewelries, expensive clothes and a trust fund.

Well, that basically speaks Paris Hilton’s qualities. Some calls that chic while others despise her fate.

Her absurdities- A Hollywood writer once commented that Paris Hilton is like a black hole, she sucks the light out by her mere presence. That’s how absurd other people see her while other thinks in what she has said before-that she gives hope to the young American people and to the world.

Her money and its effects- Being the heiress of the hotel magnate, Paris is destined to practically get what her grandfather has earned through hard work. That virtually gave her the chance to live a life in full liberty, luxury and expensive items to swing over her neck. And unlike many other women who came from well-respected American royal families, Paris Hilton was raised as a princess but with the exception of refined character, intelligence and elegance.

Her immense money deprived her of the trainings that life could give her to become a well thought-of personality. Beautiful people, as it was once written, were those who have suffered trials, went into the deep caves of suffering, and endured life’s tests and in the end, triumphed life’s challenges and turned out to be the souls that contribute much for the benefit of the world and humanity. Well, that keeps Paris Hilton way beyond the borders.

Her money also bought her way into the spotlight of Hollywood. She can pay even the most expensive publicists without even scratching the surface of her wealth. These people can bring her almost instantly into the public’s eye without having to endure the experience little people have to go through just to get even 30 seconds of fame.

Her popularity- Many people have various opinions on her popularity. Some people see her as nothing but anther beautiful face pampered with money while many maintains that she is someone worthy of all these media exposure. Some people admit that without her fortune, she would be reduced to a witless, skinny woman who, in case you have met her in the street, would not even catch your single glimpse.

It is a wonder for so many that she gets the popularity she has now. Maybe the media created her but also, maybe it is the public that brought her into popularity. But, definitely, she has contributed nothing, except pay some good publicists plus the leisure of subjecting herself and her unwanted attitude to extreme public scrutiny.

On some aspects, she is being treated like a beneficial goddess who has contributed much for the welfare of young people and the world in general. Well, she has promised some time ago that she would donate something for the unfortunate which could have made her popularity useful. There are still no updates on this issue though.

Further, there are lots of people who doubt her fame. Is she famous because she buys it with her money or is she famous because people see something special in her? This questions, along with numerous others, have doubted the mysteries of her popularity. Nonetheless, so long as people are eager to read or write her stories, so long as the media gives her airtime, so long as the internet continues to talk about her and so long as her money gives her the insurances, she will always be the epitome of an American Princess that speaks well of her qualities.

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