Owning an Apothecary Cabinet

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Apothecary chests or cabinets date back to the period between the ancient and modern times, which is known as the medieval period or middle ages. Then, an apothecary; who is a medical practitioner dispensed medication making use of the cabinets to keep medications and ingredients. Today however, an apothecary cabinet is reproduced as a storage item that can be used in homes. These storage items can be quite expensive. This piece of furniture usually has many drawers. It is made up of a large chest of drawers, which has a lot of square chests that are organized in a rectangle or square. The cabinets vary in size. Some can be very small, while others may be somewhat large. The small ones can be used for keeping little trinkets, while the bigger items can be used for storing clothes or similar items. They usually have a flat top with four short legs.

This apothecary cabinet was an item also used by typical Chinese medicine professionals, who used it for storing herbal drugs. The chests usually have many small, deep drawers and each drawer had segments. At the front of each drawer, names of substances contained inside of it were written. This was to make identification and subsequent retrieval easier and faster. It is still very possible today to find people using the same apothecary cabinet in a similar manner for keeping drugs and herbs. There is a chance that you will stumble online on an antique apothecary chest, which was used by “pharmacists” in the 1800s if you do a Google search.

Although an apothecary chest can be used to beautify your home, you equally have corner cabinets that can be located in various junctions of your home in places where they are needed. The advantage with these cabinets is that they add beauty to your home and also serve as a storage facility for keeping different items like dishes, crockery, bathing accessories, et al depending on their position. With corner cabinets you can make sure that every available junction in your home is made use of, so that these strategic positions are not taken over by other things. You should take care however to ensure that these do not come with sharp edges if you have children that may accidentally hurt themselves why playing at home.

So if your house presents opportunity for using them with lots of space, then consider placing some corner cabinets here. Finally, apothecary cabinet has been described by some as being too simple, but this surely cannot be said of all such cabinets as they come in different styles, shapes and sizes. Some old ones were made in China, while others come from other parts of the world.

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