Lord of Retina (Fort History of Nirut-22,484 BC)

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Advance: the writing of the two page sketch of “The Lord of Retina,” was an add-on to the story, “The Soldiers of Nirut,” and to bring forth the complete Histories of Nirut. It tells about how Nirut came to Retina, prior to the battle and war on SSARG. We have now seen the war, and the three histories leading up to the war, but how did he come to Retina, and acquired it as a launching pad or stage for his warships? In this small sketch, written in the afternoon on Saturday, 7-14-2007, on the platform at Sophie’s house, you will now know, and find out how it all happened.

(The Story 🙂 In those days before King Nirut went to Retina, the moon that obits SSARG´s, his legend preceded him, like his father’s; for his legend grew deep among the Lords and Kings within the planetary system of Lihterb, within the Black Galaxy.

In the House of King Sorle’ el, (also known as the Angel King), whom was friends with the late Blue King, now dead, seemed to have acquired a hardened heart towards Nirut. He ruled the whole one site of the moon the eastern side, as the Great River of Retina divided two the kingdoms as well as a safe zone, being for anybody who cared to live in-between the two kingdoms, and one large expanding bridge, called The Long Bridge, that touched each side of each kings soil.

King Nirut sent a messenger (Yahoo) to ask King Sorle’el for his permission to use his soil for a launching area for an invasion, and occupation (war) he was planning in a year on SSARG. The Retina King was unresponsive to his messenger, and he was sent back by the old king to his planet Lihterb.

Sorle the Lesser, as he was known, and prince of the eastern kingdom, was much in favor of allowing King Nirut to use their Kingdom for the invasion, knowing his friendship was valuable, and most likely, if they did not allow it, he would invade the Eastern Kingdom, and leave it in ruins, as he was known for. So there was more crickets in the pot, than one expected.

By not answering Nirut on this matter, it only irritated him, for he knew he had welcomed the Great Siren, who conquered SSARG, long ago, and her mother Jokeleen, why not him? It was a disturbing question for him, an unanswered one. Thus, he sent back his messenger Yahoo, to get a nay or aye, but only to talk to the prince on this matter, and make a deal with him, one that would assure his kingdom would fall back to his hands once the war was over, without any incident. And should it be a nay, well, then he would need to prepare like SSARG would, for war.

Over proud, perhaps he was, King Nirut, but he did at this time hold the title of Emperor of the Black Galaxy, mostly conquered by his father, but he was doing a good job of following up on where he left off, and deserved the title, that is, before given to anyone else.

And so the word was sent, secretly, to Prince Sorle, to meet Yahoo, in the Tower of Kura, a great tower along the Great Retina River, a port, military compound of the King’s. There in the tower they would meet, if indeed the king would not change his mind in due time.

Faithful Marisol

After a year of silence, the King of Retina, forbade utterly the use of his planetoid for King Nirut’s, invasion plans, and said outright and publicly, he would punish anyone who helped the king, and destroy the spaceships as they landed, coming from Lihterb or Toso.

Immediately after that statement, Yahoo was sent, secretly to visit the young prince, to give him an ultimatum. They met in the harbor city, called Annemor, in the Great Tower of Kura (in time this tower would be duplicated by the pre-Sumerians, from earth, around 16,000 BC, whom would built such a tower on the banks of what is now called the Black Sea, in the predawn of Atlantis, and be govern by its Capital city. Back then, it was more of valley of sand and duns, and so forth. But let me get on with Marisol, for she had a duty to perform for her husband, the prince.

The prince was told five-hundred spacecraft would land shortly on Retina, and if his father hindered just one craft, Nirut would take command of the kingdom, and slay all in it, this was not to the prince’s liking, and so they made a pack, the prince and Yahoo, as he departed for the second time, and their counsel was hidden until it was time to implement the plan.

Great was the anger for power in the Prince, and that his father would not listen to reason, for this desire for power, unbound and with sole dominion at his will, once Nirut left Retina, provoked him to devised a most hideous plan with Yahoo.

He would use his wife to become his vessel and servant in this most dangerous matter; therefore he began in that time to prepare.

The day before the ships were to land on Retina, he commanded his wife to go see the king in his bedchambers, for he had lustful eyes on her for her for a long while, and had many a times flattered her sweet as honey with his tongue, had it not been for his son he would have taken her willing or unwillingly. She had gone into his room, dropped her gown on the floor, and used her feminist power and secrets, to subdue the king, and there was no offer of battle by him, he could not trust even the greatest of his servants, yet he felt he could trust her, and desire and bliss was in his heart, and she was crafty, well skilled it would seem, to gain what she would not by insolence, or force, she would by delicacy, and in the process kill the king, for the prince could not. And it should be pointed out; she did not become the wife of the prince by wealth uncounted, or worship, but rather by unrevealed favor, deceit and kindness, seeking to enchain this man long before he knew it. Thus she let the old man lay on her, and search for his bliss, she could not understand his old tongue, he was mumbling something in an old Retina dialect (‘You are faithful to your husband, I have seen this in prophecy, the old seer told me fifty years ago, you would come…’) and she took out a poisoned tooth from a snake, hid in a secret place amongst her body, and during lovemaking, she pricked him with it in the side, but it was lightly, and she was hesitant it did not go deep enough, but he fell to the side dead.

Sorle the Lesser, came in, proclaimed the king had died of a heart attack making love to one of his many mistresses, it was all–seemingly too simple, so Marisol felt. And the following day, the ships landed, and King Nirut was welcomed, with a grand array of gifts, and the elite of the kingdom. And now, King Sorle II, gave praise to his wife, yet she was fearful of this killing, and told the king so, that the tooth had only pricked the king’s skin. Ye they laid him to rest in a great tomb inside, and deep down into the earth, of a mausoleum of sorts, the coffin was of marble.

Death Awakes

In the following two days a change come over the land, and the hearts of the Retinaions, they loved King Nirut, he was a hero to many, but the new King, King Sorle II was controversial among his own kind.

The ships came down one by one, and camps were made, tents put up, food supply lines created. The enemies of SSARG and the desert rebels on SSARG were calculated according to the risk factor. During these first days, Nirut tried to humble himself with the city folks, the castle staff, he preferred a smooth affair with the Retinaions if possible, another wise thing his father told him, ‘…prior to war, constrain yourself, keep your secrets thoughts, receive it gladly by others, use what you want, not what they want. Hold all as a hostage, even if they do not know it.’ Indeed, he learned much in a short period of time.

It is he whose name is not now spoken, the King in the tomb, the mausoleum, this now concerns him, putting forward his name, I must add Marisol, for she up and disappeared one day. The Prince never found out why, but King Nirut did, and here is from the King’s own journal:

“I had asked my seer, where was Marisol? For we were all looking for her, and I went to find out, and she was where my seer said she would be, but first let me explain:

“The old King of Retina woke up in his tomb, made of marble, some fifty feet deep under the soil of Retina, in a mausoleum of sold granite, in a marble coffin. He woke up in the dark no face of his people. In his castle, he was dismissed as being dead. But dead he was not. The poison paralyzed his body, slowed his heart beat, and this was his third day. He had been awake for a day, and his mind not all that fine prior to his death and burial, was now even worse, he was going insane. He had prepared himself though for this, as he had sought out his own sears fifty years prior to this, and with a forceful kick to the back of the tomb, it opened, for he had the tomb made twenty years prior, with this in mind.

“None too soon was he on his feet, and crept back into the Kingdom, like a ghost, and the few guards that saw him, rubbed their eyes in dismay, and stepped back thinking he was just that, a ghost. And he crept into Queen Marisol’s bedchamber, and the old king picked up the queen, disguised her under some linen, and brought her back to the mausoleum, in the process he sedated her, lightly, so she was responsive, yet to frail to fight.

What followed next was horrifying. He had had a second coffin made, out of wood, with nails a hundred of them extending through the wood, and out the other side. And he laid her down, and he with her, and dropped the wooden top over it. And with a pull of a cord, the roof caved in over the coffin, not enough to break through, for there was marble above it. And when Marisol awoke, in the wick darkness, the torment started. If she moved upwards, the nails were there. ‘Sacrifice,’ the old king said, laying next to her laughing, ‘We are the sacrifice for King Nirut.’ He lit a candle, it was but an inch long, but he wanted to look at her face, and death was on it. He remarked, ‘The plot was always set against both of us, I saw it long ago. The poison will not kill you, but these next few bitter days will, and you see my dear, power brings forth abhorrence, it is just the way it is. (And he blew out the candle.)”‘

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