eBook Writing – How to Create Your Small Report Empire Easily

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Everyone seems to talk about creating ebooks and writing your own ebook, but what if you just don’t enjoy writing long ebooks and are looking for a fast and easy way to have your own product and start making profits from your ebook online?

The good news is, there is a faster way… and today you are going to find out about it here…

If you have downloaded some ebooks in your life, you may have noticed that we have two types of ebooks…

1. Big ebooks (with 50+ pages)

2. Small ebooks (with fewer pages – even sometimes less than 20)

So which of these two types of ebooks do you think are more profitable?

The bigger ones, right?

After all they have more pages so you must be able to sell them at a higher price.


The surprising part is that there is really not much difference between the length of the ebook you write, but the value of information you publish in it.

And this is such a great news for YOU because it means you can save time on the writing process (which you don’t enjoy very much), and just include a more in-demand information…

And at the end you can sell your ebook at a much higher profit.

But it gets even better, because you can use this special smart technique to build your own Small Report empire…

So what is a “small report”?

They are those small ebooks with 7-25 pages that are about a specific topic. As you may have noticed, small reports are becoming more and more popular these days.

You may have seen them as free reports… or those being sold as high as $97.

So have you ever thought about how YOU can profit from this technique?

Why not YOU create a quick small report and make easy profits from it?

Seriously, how does the idea of creating a short 20-page report in a few hours, and then selling it for $37 (or even more) sounds to you?

You see, *many* of your target market would be happy to give you the $37 when you give them helpful information they’re looking for in your report.

That’s the power of your Small Report strategy…

Because it takes you very little time to write it (like even 3 hours), and you can make fast, EASY profits from it in 24 hours.

So HOW exactly can you create your own small report, that is also going to sell like hot cakes?

There are 5 specific steps that you’re going to learn in this free article.

To your online Report Empire success!

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