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Thrillbillies is a popular new action-packed adventure comedy show that is made by the same people that brought you “Nitro Circus”. The show follows a few men that are self-proclaimed “Thrillbillies” or essentially hillbillies that perform adrenaline-pumping stunts for your entertainment. The group is comprised of athletes and stuntmen that test their luck as well as the laws of physics on stunts that make you shudder.

The Stunts

The main characters on the show are Cam, Crum and Travis. Some of their activities involve motorized tug-o-war with cars, in their underwear, ripping apart each vehicle till there is one vehicle standing. They also launch snowmobiles in a lake, trying to get the vehicle to skim along the top of the water at high speeds. Similar to the former Jackass crew, the Thrillbillies make most of their coin doing off the wall stunts that regularly put their lives at risk. Their motto is, “The wrong way of doing something is often more fun”. One of their more memorable hillbilly moments was hunting for chickens at their local ranch.

Current Episode List

01. Chicken Hunt – Refus and Pops hunt chickens at the ranch and they end up getting launched off a mini ramp. During this episode, they also take a fishing trip and the boat gets whipped while they are on board.

02. Two For One – The boys go skiing this episode, taking advantage of a two for one ski pass and also doing some skim boarding on mud. Pat is presented with a big challenge, as he is asked to go big or go home off a large hill on his bike.

03. Charity Work – Despite the name, the episode is anything but, as Crum rides his snowmobile into a lake and Refus and Shrimpy try to save him. During the quad wars competition, Whitney has a tough challenge ahead of her. Cam tries his skills out on a monster truck.

04. Try Outs – As the name suggests a new member of the gang is put to the test to see if he can perform the crew’s regularly stunts without hesitation. Derek and Dusty tackle some big moto freestyle jumps at the little swimming hole.

05. Pat Ebonics – Cam destroys his toilet in a crash and a new sport is created when BMXing is combined with barrel bull riding. Pat teaches the boys the laws of ebonics.

06. The Jackhammer – This episode features the game, “Crack the Egg”. Crum and Cam learn the basics of kite flying and Zach finds himself lost during wakeboarding.

07. Board Meeting – A board meeting is called to assess the state of the “Thrillbilly” union. Cam takes his go-cart for a go in a skate park and Dusty pushes himself with big stunts on a little bike.

08. Speed Dating – Refus puts Pop in the fire during speed dating and the crew takes a show at back flipping motorcycles.

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