"The Fruit of My Pen" and "The Moonshiner", Two Wonderfully Entertaining Books by Michael L Schuh

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What great joy there is to be found, in these two wonderful unique poetry books by Michael L Schuh.

A poet and very versatile writer, renown throughout the poet world simply as Mike44. Mike created his great loveable hilly-Billy character, in his first ever book Titled: ‘The Fruit of My Pen,’ where within the pages, you will find many more tales, showing life how it was once lived up in the hills. All great stories that are aimed to amuse and show the reader the way of life, that was lived by men,characters like this.

The stories about Bill the cowboy and his horse, are told very entertainingly by the horse himself, as he explains all his own likes, dislikes and hilarious points of view to Bill. But it is the Hilly-billy illicit moonshine making fellow, up in the hills, that is the true star. For this greatly amusing character, lives life by trading the moonshine he produces, for food and other provisions that he is always in need of.

After portraying him so well in the first book, Mike then solely wrote his second book about him. This book Titled: ‘The Moonshiner’ soon followed with true delight to all his fans. Especially as it is the character himself, that is doing all the talking, as he tells greatly in his southern drawl, all the amusing anecdotes about his life and day to day living. This includes all the trials and tribulations that he faces, whilst attending his stills to run his illicit business. All greatly entertaining very funny escapades, that he along with his other odd ball country pals get up to. Showing true hilly-billy sense of humour, he tells just how they deal with any problems they come up against, just by living the life they do, while totally smashed with drink, all the time of course.

His friends supposedly come up daily to help him, around the shack of a house that he lives in, to do (or rather to undo) all the necessary and most needed repairs. But, nothing ever does get done right, because all they do, is sample the very strong shine, that they swear to the Moonshine maker himself, is the best there is! With every new batch they compliment him more, swearing that it is the best yet! Thus getting more and more, till they are once again all completely blind drunk and legless. So that nothing ever does gets done, but what does get done, is the job of making you the reader laugh, and tremendously so! For if you can relate in any way, to the lives that they live then you will laugh with even more gusto, at seeing all the hits and misses that they have to face in life.

These highly amusing books will certainly make a great gift for all, especially boys of any age. Michael L Schuh has written other great story books too, once you have read one of his books then you definitely want to search him out, to read his other two story books. Titled: “Mike and Joe” and “The Cross.” But as well as these great books Mike being a true believer in God, has also written, some truly wonderful poems of loving prayers, which he has now portrayed beautifully in his spiritual poetry book titled: “Spiritual Thoughts on Love and Life”.

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