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Rapper T.I is back with his sixth album release titled “Paper Trail”. Even though the Atlanta rapper has had a pretty troubling past year, he still managed to put together and release a 16 track album that has built up a well deserved anticipation. This article is a review of T.I’S new album “Paper Trail”. I will give a quick review and rating of each song on the album.

Here are the tracks and reviews of “Paper Trail”

56 Bars (Intro) – Nice opening track, somewhat up beat song that gets the album off to a good start. Rating 4/5

I’m Illy – Beat is relaxing but hard hitting. T.I’s flow on this song really makes the beat that much more better. Rating 3/5

Ready For Whatever – Another relaxing but base driven track. T.I gets personal with his lyrics in this track giving it a real good feel. Rating 4/5

On Top Of The World – T.I shares the spotlight with fellow Atlanta rapper Ludacris in this easy going simple beat track. The 2 rappers do compliment each other well making this song decent. Rating 3/5

Live Your Life – Rihanna joins T.I on this very catchy track. Rihanna singing the hook is what makes this track good. Rating 4/5

Whatever You Like – This radio friendly song does grow in you after hearing it a few times. Rating 4/5

No Matter What – Very hard hitting beat and ever harder lyrics definitely makes this track a stand out one. Rating 4/5

My Life Your Entertainment – One of the more easy going tracks on the album. Simple beat, but nothing special. Rating 3/5

Porn Star – This is a real laid back track where T.I flow matches the beat. Nothing catchy, a clear album filler. Rating 2/5

Swing Ya Rag – This Swizz Beatz produced banger definitely takes this albim to another level. This track brings an incredible energy unmatched by any other track on the album. Rating 5/5

What Up, What’s Haapnin – The beat is OK on this one, but what makes this song a winner is it’s catchy hook that makes the song. Rating 4/5

Every Chance I Get – Nice catcy hook but the overall song is nothing special. Another album filler. Rating 2/5

Swagga Like Us – This song features Jay-z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. This melodic beat is carried by the artist on this one, not bad. Rating 4/5

Slide Show – John Legend joins T.I on this one giving it that real laid back feel. Rating 3/5

You Ain’t Missing Nothing – This is just an average track with an average flow from T.I. The track does have a nice message though. Rating 2/5

Dead And Gone – This track definitely closes this album with an emotional bang. With Justin Timberlake singing the hook and T.I’s up beat flow, this track is an instant winner.

Overall I feel that “Paper Trail” does live up to the hype. With only a few tracks not really shining, which is understanding because most albums has those much needed fill in tracks, this album is worth a real listen. Rating 4/5

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