Maltese Training – Entertaining Things You Can Teach Your Maltese

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A maltese training usually involves training a pet to do basic obedience such as sit, come, stay and down. Training sessions should also be spent on training your dog how to potty properly as well as to get used to crate, collar and leash. These lessons, though they sometimes appear challenging, need not be taken for granted so as to avoid various problems and difficulties related to having a dog.

However, you cannot limit yourself or your dog to just the basic and important ones. Given the time, dedication and right procedure, a dog such as the maltese can learn how to entertain you with various antics such as play dead, roll over, shake, give me five and more.

Find it. Seeing a maltese training video featuring a dog who knows where to find things is indeed entertaining. A pet dog that follows commands like “go find mom!” or “find your frisbee!” is definitely a fun dog to be around.

Catch. This breed may not be as skilled as a retriever when it comes to this trick but it is not impossible for them to learn how to catch things you throw at them. Start off with popcorn or treats because they are light. Then replace with a ball, frisbee and other toys as you go on.

Play dead. For sure, every owner’s heart will definitely swell with pride and joy if his beloved pet knows how to play dead when someone points a finger at him in a gun-like position and says “bang!”.

Pick up things. Need help with the chores? You can ask your four-legged friend to pick his things scattering around the house. This part of maltese training is not only entertaining but useful as well.

Give me five. Isn’t it cool to have a pet that gives you high five… or rather four?

These are just some of the many fun tricks you can teach your dog. Of course there are a lot more like crawl, kiss, bow and sneeze. And you never have to be a dog expert or dog professional just to teach various commands. Even if you are a typical owner, as long as you know your pet’s physical limitations and personality traits, you know how to motivate your pet to obey and you have patience and determination, successful maltese training can never be impossible to achieve.

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