Making Time for Fun Can Be Easily Achieved – Especially If You Are Open to Whimsical Adventures

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On a Sunday, or any day of the week, if you have a few hours to spend enjoying yourself, there are so many possibilities to entertain. If money is an issue, find things to do that are free or require little money to complete. Finding estate sales in your favorite neighborhood is always fun, try to negotiate a better price than what the seller is asking, especially if there are a lot of really interesting antiques or colorful dishes, or my favorite – English tea sets! Do something fun or adventurous, maybe not climb Mount Everest, though you can ride a roller coaster, shop for a Mickey Mouse toaster, or eat ice cream with family.

We all have responsibilities that demand our time and effort, our daily routines can be stressful, so when you have the time to decompress, doodle a dog, write a poem or sing a song out loud, for everyone to hear! That’s very bold, but also very liberating. I enjoy reading, or experiencing the artwork of creative people Creative artwork, poetry or anything creative is a wonderful thing to experience in all artistic forms.

The focus that you have in life does not always have to be serious. The whimsical side of your mind is important to nurture by releasing enjoyment, or to decompress. At my home, we like impromptu singing and dancing. Making up songs, with our own lyrics, and some really embarrassing dance moves; don’t EVER look through my windows, EVER, please, you may just laugh so hard that you’ll cry from the silliness and I’ll cringe from embarrassment!

Having fun is one of life’s blessing’s that spurs relief and eases tension, try swimming, or any sport, enjoy swimming, in the company of your children,spouse, extended family or friends. A fun sunny Sunday is a great way to relax by exercising, or reading, a good book, or to watch a classic movie, or, let’s be real, taking time to watch the funny movies that we haven’t seen before. Making popcorn at 10:00 am and eating ice cream in the formal living room, to me that’s always fun. I am a grown adult and still get scared by the prospect of dropping ice cream or popcorn kernels on the floor. I usually vacuĆ¼m the next day, in case I missed a kernel or two. The funny thing – the only one that yells at anyone for crumbs on the floor is me!

How about visiting your jewelry box and trying on old earrings? Or, looking in your closet and trying on blue jeans or formal wear? Sounds like fun to me! A fun day has a purpose, fun things that you do to amuse yourself! Window-shopping is fun, you get to look at the latest trends and fashions before you buy anything. Shopping is a fun activity, when looking in my closet, I decided that it’s time to buy blue jeans.

Nurture the silly, whimsical side of your mind, like eating candy; we all know that candy is not a necessity, though an occasional chocolate bar or gum drop is a tasty treat and a fun way to give yourself a small gift on a fun day. Find your own way of having fun by reading your favorite magazine, or buying yourself a treat, or enjoyment in the novel things you do when life gives you the time and ability to give yourself a fun day.

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