How to Find the Best Secure and Comfy Baby Swing

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However, with so much conflicting advice out there about the safety of your baby, it can be difficult to know which products you can rely on.

If you want to know which features to look out for in a baby swing, follow our advice to get started on your search.

Firstly, you will want to make sure your baby is the age for a baby swing. Most swings will be suitable by birth, and will accommodate your baby until he is 9KG in weight – anything from 9 months to a year and beyond for smaller babies. But if you buy right, you’ll have a product you can use for any future children, or for babies who come to visit.

Secondly, you’ll want to get to grips with the different swing modes and motions on offer. Some models will offer a simple, gentle swing with adjustable speed, because others will have a wider range of rocking and swinging options. Make sure these are easy to adjust if your baby develops a preference. Some baby swings even have an intuitive motion detector which will gently rock when the baby begins to wake or cry, providing them with immediate comfort, especially for when they’re colicky or teething.

This is great for twins, as if you’re busy changing one baby’s nappy, you’ll have something to entertain and comfort the other. Most good swings will offer a range of melodies and natural sounds, to either soothe or entertain your baby. Some will even offer a ‘white noise ‘ setting which replicates the natural sounds of the womb, providing comfort from day one to help your baby relax.

You’ll also want to consider what you’ll be using your baby swing for.

If you travel a lot, and want something transportable, you’ll need to find something relatively compact that you can easily fold down.

Most baby swings are made for the mother in mind, so are easy to carry and store. Some swings will even come with a carry bag.

If you know you’re only going to be using the swing at home, however, you won’t mind going for something that takes up a bit more space.

Baby swings come in different sizes, with various features, so it’s worth doing some research before purchasing one. If you’re looking for a swing to help your baby sleep, you’ll want to look for a secure and comfy baby swing with an adjustable headrest and recline function.

Most well-manufactured baby swings will include both ‘swing time ‘ and ‘swing speed ‘ functions, so that you can select the speed and time your baby needs to help them fall asleep. Swings are also great for entertaining your baby. Look out for one with a removable toy arch,. So they can sit up and play whist they’re awake, and relax in comfort when it’s time to take a nap. An absolute necessity when looking for a secure and comfy baby swing is a 5-point harness. This will make sure that your little one is safely strapped in, but will also help them to feel reassured. Another thing to look out for is that your baby swings / swung has a removable cover.

Babies are totally at the whim of their bodily functions, so you’ll want to be able to remove and wash the cover easily in the event of a little accident! Doubling up as a comfy place to take a nap and a place to sit as they take in their surroundings, a baby swing will give both comfort and entertainment for your growing baby.

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