How to Book the Best Singers for an Event Hire

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As we all know, music can make or break a social occasion, which is why it’s so important to find the right entertainment for you and your guests. You’ll want music that everyone can enjoy, which can often prove to be a challenge in itself. Rather than take a chance on this, it’s best to go with someone tried and tested; someone with a reputation for making every event they perform a success.

When you’re planning your event, think clearly about the tone you’re trying to set. If it’s your wedding, you’ll probably want to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere, whereas if you’re planning a private party, you might prefer something more upbeat. Whatever the occasion, there will be an option out there suitable to all tastes – it just takes a little planning.

In terms of musical choice, it really is up to you. If you’d like jazz music for your event, why not start by performing a Google search for jazz bands in your area? Alternatively, you might have swing or blues music in mind. There will be a variety of musicians out there to suit every taste, but the key is to find one who will enhance the occasion. For this reason, it is important that they are professional and experienced.

Your best bet is to hire a singer who specialises in a range of musical styles, who can adapt their repertoire accordingly. Professional performers for hire will usually have an online audio page where you can listen to demos of their recordings and get an idea of their vocal style and range.

The most popular performers will also include customer testimonials on their site, too, so look out for those to give you an idea of the kind of service they provide. Why not check out their social media pages too?

As well as someone who can cater to a diverse audience, you’ll also want to look out for a singer who has been professionally trained. This gives them an edge above other competing performers in the industry, and ensures you will receive consistent, quality entertainment at your event.

It’s a good idea to look for those with qualifications in music or musical theatre, as well as someone who has had plenty of experience performing to large audiences.

Some wedding singers will also provide a DJ service and lighting for the occasion, significantly reducing your entertainment costs. Make sure they can supply their own band or backing track, too, and that all equipment and sound checking is included in the price you have been quoted.

Most professional performers will have details of the different packages they provide and what’s included on their website. Be sure to check if the singer you have in mind operates locally in your area, as this may affect your costs. Some will bill for travel, time and accommodation, for example, if you are based outside of their area.

Whatever the time of your event, you should be able to find a professional singer to make it a success. Whether you require music for the whole day, for a few hours in the evening or during your wedding breakfast – there are professional musicians out there who will make all the necessary arrangements for you, making the whole process more seamless.

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