Go, Diego, Go! Educates and Entertains

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The “Go, Diego, Go!” television series is touted as being highly educational for the pre-school age group, of children ages two to four. Diego is Dora the Explorer’s cousin, and after appearing on Dora’s show a few times a new series revolving around Diego was made. While many are of the opinion that Dora attracts girls and the “Go, Diego, Go!” show attracts primarily male preschool viewers, actually this isn’t the case. Diego is equally popular with all pre-schoolers, regardless of whether they are male or female.

In summary, the series revolves around eight year old Diego who, accompanied by his friend ‘Baby Jaguar’, goes around rescuing all kinds of animals that find themselves in some kind of trouble. The show uses this approach to help younger children learn all about nature and the animal kingdom, with each episode featuring a specific animal. Whereas the Dora Explorer show mainly revolves around teaching pre-schoolers Spanish, “Go, Diego, Go!” majors more on teaching about the animal kingdom with a little Spanish thrown in as well, something that most young kids love.

Parents and educators alike agree that this show has been very helpful in teaching children facts about animals. During the course of each episode a number of animal facts are explained to the children, and around half of these facts are reviewed throughout the episode. By the end of the show, most children even as young as two years old have retained quite a few of the facts shared with them during the course of the show. It is also highly interactive, with the children being encouraged to participate throughout the program.

Not only does it teach children about animals, but it also encourages good morals and attitudes between Diego and his friends. During the course of the series we meet Dora, Diego’s sister Alicia and his grandfather.

To complement the series, there is now also a selection of DVDs on sale, featuring compiled episodes and sometimes adding an educational game on the DVD. Several popular child-friendly computer games have also been released.

If you are concerned about your pre-schooler watching educational and moral building TV shows, you can’t really go wrong with ‘Go, Diego, Go!’ With its animal themed facts and learning, and its lively and fun music and songs, this program will most likely have any pre-schooler glued to the screen for the length of the entire episode, and then asking for more once it is finished.

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