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The newspaper industry has taken a substantial hit in recent years. Despite the companies’ best efforts, sales of print edition news are dropping every year. The only way for newspapers to survive is for them to adapt to the changing times. They have to move into the era of the downloadable newspaper, so called the e-newspaper. While this transition does not need to be a difficult one, there are some stumbling blocks to the updating process, not the least of which is a suitable device to hold the newspapers on. While some people have already downloaded subscriptions, others are holding out in the hopes of finding a device that is easier to use. The solution to this problem is the e newspaper reader.

A newspaper e-reader is very subtly different from an ordinary e-reader. For one thing the device is larger and that factors in to the transition process. The fact is that people have certain expectations when they purchase a newspaper subscription, even if the text is digital. They expect an e-edition newspaper to look “like” a newspaper is supposed to look, complete with various columns, a bold headline and directions or links to particular stories. Consider online newspapers. They very much resemble their print counterparts. E readers are wonderful devices, but the small screens and keys may make them difficult for people with reduced capabilities to use. The larger size of an e-newspaper reader means that it is both easier to read from and easier to navigate through, and because it’s digital it can be used at anytime, anywhere in the world.

The principle behind e-newspapers is the same as it is for online newspapers. People simply do not have enough time to sit down with a paper text and sift through page after page to find what they are looking for. However, the concept of an e newspaper reader takes this concept even further by creating a device that is smaller and more portable than even the tiniest of laptop computers. Imagine an entire month’s worth of news on something that can fit into a purse, briefcase or backpack.

At times e-newspaper is a newspaper nonetheless, with just a bit more flash. Of course, some oppose the transition, but most understand that this change is simply the evolution of news reporting.

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