Colors to Wear for the 2012 Auditions

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Proper attire can speak a lot about you. In auditions, the clothes you wear can enhance the character you are to play by alleviating the mood. Similarly, your attire may ruin your chances of making it in the auditions. Whatever characters you have to play at auditions in 2012, you should choose the colors that befit your character and make you most comfortable. The first thing that the audience sees once you are on stage is the color you are wearing.

Different colors have different meanings and as an aspiring actor, you may have the discretion to choose those that fit your script character. Know the meaning of the colors before you wear them, so as to give the strongest impression to the judges. If you choose red, you should know that it conveys brevity and courage. It also portrays a sense of determination and a passion for doing something. If you have stage fright or you are a first-timer on the stage, then red is the best color for you, as it will conceal this weakness.

If your choice is yellow, be aware that it indicates happiness as it is associated with sunshine. You are, therefore, not expected to be dull at any one time. On the contrary, you should keep smiling. The color also represents the mental ability to think faster. When asked questions by the directors in the 2012 auditions always be able to answer them fast and correctly.

In case you are in orange, your enthusiasm will be displayed. It will also act as a sign of creativity. Since it relates to motion and energy, wearing this color means that you are ready to explore new heights. The color will also help you relax if you are nervous. White will portray purity and softness. Wearing white will give you an advantage due to its neutrality. This color can easily intermingle with other colors, and you will be able to fit in any character without qualms.

When you wear brown, have in mind its symbolism. Brown is the color associated with wood or soil. The color represents modesty and respect. It not vivid but when worn, it displays to the panel that you are a very neutral and independent person. Purple is a color associated with royalty and aristocracy. Wearing it will portray an illusion of achievement and regal bearing, which may befit some characters.

Green is a natural color and it portrays the well-being of a person since healthy plants are always green. As such, a rich character in the script should be in green as compared to a poor character wearing drab clothing. Green also displays the readiness to take up new ideas. Wearing green to the auditions in 2012 will impress the judges as they will feel your desire to grow and explore greater heights. It will also give the audience a sense of having inner peace, which is good for creating rapport.

Black has always been associated with primordial emptiness, but it is a neutral color. It can help you to display mixed emotions, depending on the circumstances your character is in. For instance, it will be appropriate for a formal wear scene like a dinner party. It is also ideal in funeral scenes. It will, therefore, be inappropriate to wear a yellow dress in 2012 auditions that have a scene on a burial ceremony, unless directed so.

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