Bike Billboard Advertising: It’s More Than an Ad – It’s an Attraction

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People Are Sure to Take Notice If You: My many years of working in retail and watching people has taught me a few things about people. Any time you can find an opportunity to entertain, inform, or create a sense of curiosity; you should do so. Why? Because people are absolutely helpless against such triggers. Knowing this, when devising a marketing tactic for a client, I always build my program around either entertaining, informing or creating curiosity.

Over 300 Ads Today and Not Once Was My Breath Taken Away. I know that over the course of today I had to have seen at least 300 advertisements. You too, right? But not a single ad or message from today stands out. We take in ads like we take in breathes of air; unconsciously. Only when our breath has been taken away, are we even aware of our breathing. Taking away one’s breath is my approach to advertising. Non-traditional advertising, i.e. Guerrilla Marketing, does this best.

The Guerrilla In The Room. Just as people can in no way ignore a literal gorilla in the room; people can in no way ignore guerrilla marketing. Non-traditional advertising a.k.a. guerrilla marketing gets noticed because the very essence of guerrilla marketing is to entertain or create curiosity. When you employ guerrilla marketing, you know you have your targets full attention and can now properly inform them about your great product or service. And just like that advertising works again for the advertiser!

Peddle Power

This past spring, my wife and I decided to downsize to one car. Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University class is what prompted such a rash decision. We felt if we could live with our one car (that’s paid for) and make payment to ourself instead of paying the lease on our second car, we could eliminate our college loan debts in one year. So, I traded in my Altima for a new bike. Biking lends itself to many miles of contemplative thinking. On one of my bike rides to work I got to thinking: is there any way to make money on this bike? Bike billboard advertising is what came to mind. And, to my surprise others had thought of this too. I put together some business cards. I designed a banner for my 41″ x 29″ bike billboard trailer advertising YOUR AD HERE!. Businesses signed up and I had an extension to my current marketing agency. Street advertising or non-traditional advertising or simply put: bike billboard advertising.

Why it Works.

Bike billboarding is entertaining. How fun is it to see an overweight guy pulling an ad behind his bike? It’s informative. The bike billboard ad has information about the advertiser. Lastly, It creates curiosity. People look out for bikers anyway. How much more do people look out for a big guy on a little bike pulling a sign that you just have to read? The best part. It all costs a fraction of the price compared to traditional advertising rates.

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