6 Reasons Our Election System Is Flawed!

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When, twice this century, we have witnessed, the candidate, receiving fewer popular votes, win the Presidential election, many believe, it indicates, the electoral system, is, at the very least, flawed! Wasn’t our nation, created and developed, based on, the concept of, one – man, one – vote? Although, at the time, the definition of who qualified, as a man, in today’s terms, seems to be, biased, and sexist, at that time, it seemed progressive, and extraordinary! As times changed, and our nation evolved, the meaning, and definition, also evolved, and became, more fair and representative! Why do we still, nearly 250 years after the founding of this nation, determine who will be our President, based on what, to many, now seems to be an archaic (even undemocratic) process? Why is our voter turnout, consistently so low, when most Americans, simultaneously, proclaim, they are proud of our freedoms, and right – to – vote? Isn’t there something, inconsistent, when so much spending is performed, during this election process? Shouldn’t we demand, candidates, articulate a message, which clearly states, how they plan, to achieve their proposals, rather than merely articulating, empty promises, and messages, even, at times, untruthful, distorted ones? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 reasons, the United States’ election system, seems to be, so flawed.

1. Spending; fundraising: Who should our public officials, be loyal to, the needs, priorities, perceptions, etc, and greater good, or, to certain, bigger financial supporters/ donors, and their associated, special – interests? When, we witness, the present President, Donald Trump, continuously hold political rallies, and do, fundraisers, how can that be the best interests of our nation, planet, and citizens?

2. Voter apathy: Several studies indicate, in 2016, more potential voters, did not cast a vote, than were cast, for both leading candidates, combined! Why are so many, either, lazy, or apathetic? Haven’t we seen, during the last few years, the significant difference between two potential candidates?

3. Insufficient fact – finding: With the expansion of the Internet, especially, social media, etc, it seems, we witness more conspiracy theories, falsehoods, etc. While there should be some monitoring, to ensure, lies, and misstatements, are minimized, it should be, each of our, personal responsibilities, to do, well – considered, fact – finding!

4. Empty promises/ rhetoric: Although, politicians, seem to have, always, resorted to making empty promises, and using rhetoric, to inspire voters, to vote for them, it seems, this has escalated, to new, somewhat – dangerous heights!

5. Too much emphasis on personality, celebrity, etc, instead of on experience and expertise: Trump’s lack of relevant experience, and expertise, should have been, a warning sign, predicting potential ramifications, from proceeding, without being ready – for – primetime! Whether, because of his opponent’s lack of popularity, or because, he was considered, a celebrity, because of his, high – profile, and television exposure, Donald Trump, was elected, President.

6. Electoral College: When, results are determined, based on the Electoral College, rather than the popular vote, smaller states, such as Montana, Wyoming, etc, have disproportionate power, in terms of their results! Since, in many instances, these states, are often, considerably more conservative, and have different needs, priorities, and perceptions, Trump’s strategy, was far more successful!

Wake up, America, and examine, whether, this nation, will continue to be the land of the free, with liberty and justice, for all, or changed, considerably, and these rights, and privileges, continuously, under – attack! It’s up to you to demand better, sooner, rather than later, before it’s too late!

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