Weekly Review: The Seven Deadly Sins

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Hello there! I’m back and ready for another week of reviews! Miss me? This week we are talking about a show that I recently finished and couldn’t wait to write about: The Seven Deadly Sins. This was one of those shows where my girlfriend was nagging me to watch it saying how it was “amazing and hilarious.” I finally got around to watching it after I learned the English voice for the main lead character was Bryce Papenbrook (same voice for Kirito from SAO, and Eren from AoT). I have to say, I am very happy I watched this anime. Even though it has only been a year since its release, I’m praying for a sequel soon, as they did leave the door wide open (cough cough they could’ve called it the six deadly sins… wink wink).

Anyway, what in the heck is this anime series about? Well, we find out a lot of information over the course of the entire series, and get blatantly reminded every opening scene with the booming voice of “This is a story… “, but I’ll sum it up in my own words. The kingdom is known as Britannia, and it is ruled by a king and his band of powerful, and loyal guards known as the Holy Knights. A group of knights within the Holy Knights, more powerful than any other, were known as the Seven Deadly Sins. They were known for their tremendous strength on the battlefield and loyalty to their king. However, rumors spread fast and furiously that they were plotting to overflow the king. After a scarring day, one that lead to the death of the Grandmaster (leader of the Holy Knights), all of the blame was pinned on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Rumor has it that the Holy Knights defeated them that day, though many were struck down. In fact, the anime starts off with some knights stumbling upon a great battlefield, wasted with the dead bodies of their comrades. The Seven Deadly Sins were never heard from again… that was ten years ago.

Now, they are more of a myth than anything. However, a terrible struggle has struck the kingdom. The king, as being told by the holy knights, is bedridden with illness, therefore they have taken control of the kingdom. However, the third daughter of the king, princess Elizabeth, knows the awful truth. She sets out, sneaking out of the castle, to find the only ones that she believes can save the kingdom from this awful plague of evil… The Seven Deadly Sins.

I think that was pretty good, don’t you think? Now, I know what you are thinking. It’s either, “why the hell would the princess try and find traitors to save the kingdom?” or it’s, “They were obviously framed.” Both are valid, but I’ll leave it up to you. For her own reasons, maybe because she’s known them since she was a child, she has trust that the Seven Deadly Sins are not the evil that the entire kingdom believes them to be. So, she sets out to find them!

Now for such a dark and twisted title and story, you have to believe me on this one, that this anime is freaking hilarious. Now, I said that the Seven Deadly Sins were the most powerful knights, right? They are ridiculously powerful. As in, during the fight scenes they are having fun more than actually fighting, at least in the beginning. It’s quite a joy to see how carefree they are. Now, when you get into the story and the back stories, it gets quite sad, but don’t worry, there is plenty of comic relief.

If you are wondering, this anime is a “Netflix Original,” so you should know where to go to watch it. Trust me on this one, just go watch it!

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