Weekly Review: Re:Zero

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Our main protagonist in the series is a high school student known as Subaru. Subaru is the lazy type that prefers to stay locked up in his room playing games and such. He has no real aspirations for life, which he lives a moment at a time. On his way back from a convenience store one night he suddenly appears into another world. As he looks around, confused, he identifies the world as a fantasy land. His gaming instincts kick into gear as he starts assessing his surroundings. He finds that he speaks the same language as the people here, but his clothes and currency are no good. The items he has on his person from his world are also unknown to this, items such as his cell phone.

While sitting down in an alley contemplating his first move, and waiting for a gorgeous woman to present herself to him like in most fantasy situations, he is attacked by a group that want his items. Thinking in the mindset of a game and that he should have super strength, he punches the first two and goes for the third. When the last foe pulls out a knife, he woefully bows in front of him and pleads for his life as they kick the crap out of him. During such time, he is rescued by a beautiful girl with silver hair who has the ability to wield magic.

When he awakens from his beaten state, he finds that he is fully healed, no doubt by the silver haired maiden. She bids her goodbye as she was tracking down a thief, but Subaru begs to help her so he can repay her. Along their day searching, they help a young girl who was separated from her mother. Subaru also learns that the girl’s name is Satella, and that she is a half-elf. She is actually quite shocked when he is not fearful of her.

Their quest to find a thief, as they learn her name is Felt, they venture into the slumps. They find themselves at a old storehouse that is a hub of sorts for stolen goods. Subaru says he will enter the creepy place first, so he walks in and tries to make himself around the pitch black room. What he finds inside is a man, slumped up against the counter, and blood all over the place. By the time he realized what had happened here, he had already been sliced and was lying on the floor. Before he lost his life, he saw his friend, Satella, enter the storehouse and also lose her life.

Then he is suddenly standing in front of a merchant in the middle of town. Cool, right? The story quickly unravels that this is no ordinary person in an ordinary world. Every time that Subaru dies, he is taken back to a certain point in time. For the first few episodes, it is the moment he is standing in front of a merchant moments after being transported to this fantasy world.

This is a very well done anime and I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to find something new and exciting. It has a typical “boy finds himself in a fantasy world” plot, but underneath that is something truly amazing. We get to see Subaru as he attempts to figure out what is happening and how you has arrived in such a world. It’s pretty awesome, just saying! P.S. Her real name is Emilia!:)

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