The Niches of a Private Investigator

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It is the job of a private investigator to dig up facts that uncover the truth not only for jilted lovers but also for attorneys who hire them. However, there are other niche jobs for a person pursuing a career as a private investigator.

Getting into the PI business is usually gained through working on-the-job as an intern for a reputable private detective agency or by having investigative experience from law enforcement or the military.

As a private investigator, there are several niches that one can enter to pursue a career in this exciting business.

  • Public Record Retrieval
  • Corporate Investigator
  • Serving Subpoenas
  • Skip Tracing and Locating

For an investigator involved in public record retrieval, an entire career can be made by retrieving courthouse documents. There exists a national association of document retrievers, and these investigators earn very good salaries by rummaging through the files of local courthouses, obtaining documents for their clients, and investigating civil and criminal histories on certain people.

For a gumshoe working for a corporation, one can work for a company to conduct background investigations as well as investigate employee thefts without being licensed in their state. For seasoned private investigators, a job as a corporate investigator would be ideal. This job can also provide good experience for a novice investigator studying for his PI license.

Another job that does not require a state issued license is subpoena service. Depending on the state in which you live, there is no license requirement for you to pursue a career in subpoena service. However, check with your state if there is a requirement. Sometimes, the county sheriff’s office or the courts regulate subpoena servers and can tell you what is needed to work as one.

There are some private investigative agencies that specialize in skip tracing and locating only. Such agencies require that you must be licensed to work in this field. Some agencies are dedicated to locating deadbeat parents. These agencies collect residual income by from child support payments or alimony if the private investigative agency finds the parent.

For professional investigators retiring from law enforcement or the military, one can find life outside their old jobs in any one of the niches described for private investigators.

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