Second Anniversary

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Two years ago, I stared into your eyes
A backdrop of water and stone to frame our portraits
With family and friends to share in my bliss
I told you that I would never leave, always cherish, and be true
You told me that you were my forever
The knife cut us deep and our essences became one

We danced the night away to our favorite songs
I held you close and swayed with you
Not to the melody, but to the rhythm of our heartbeats
“I was going to drive you home, tonight”

We snuck away to our retreat; a surprise
Spent hours in bed listening, loving, learning
Forgetting the outside world existed
We were all the two of us needed

Misunderstandings led to arguments
This must have been the fuel that fed your hatred
As business trips and late nights at work became more frequent
We both knew what was happening, but only you were willing to accept it

My heart ached as you moved from our marital bed
Seeking refuge and privacy away from me
Yet close enough that I could almost touch you
Almost see you smile –almost feel the betrayal

A year to the day and a world apart
You forgot what this day meant to me -to us
I prepared a meal and readied the champagne
Carefully wrapped your gifts and waited in anticipation

When you arrived you were unimpressed
Almost annoyed by the remembrance
You hardly ate, shrugged at your diamonds and went to your room
I sat alone heartbroken in silence for a spell before retiring to mine

Tension grew and I didn’t know what to do
To calm the storm that was inside of me
The only hint that you ever saw
Was the rain that trickled down my face

Your infidelity became more pronounced
When you came to my bed in the twilight hours
Stirred me from my slumber -inebriated
To tell me how you laid with another man -and it was my fault

Coexistence became almost unbearable
I was grasping for straws
The last night I snuck into your room
To try to soothe the demons with a peace offering

A plan to tell you stories while you were falling asleep
Our favorite past time -it was met with resentment
Ejected from your room that eve
I knew I had lost you to another

Two years had passed since that blissful day
When we swore to live our lives together
Not a night goes by that I don’t think about you
But I know I am the only one -you’ve moved on
I’m left with nightmares, debt, and heartache

You moved into your new life without skipping a beat
I was forgotten, not even a fleeting memory
May the 7th to me, will always be
A time for mourning -imprisoned

You filed months ago, yet won’t let me go
Won’t make it right, I am easily ignored
Tortured daily about thoughts of what may have been
Only now realizing you were never that person

That stared into my eyes and gave me strength
It was all an act for you to gain
I’m trying my best to move forward
To live the life I wanted us to have

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