Rich Guy And Poor Guy – 3

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Sarah went to her study to unwind from the long afternoon she had spent with her parents’ house. After a while she drifted off…

“Wow! You hit the golf ball so nicely with your club in a very special swing! Where did you learn that kid?” Daniel was surprised.

Sarah viewed on her golf ball as it rolled across the green smooth lawn straight into the hole.

She was surprised by herself too to have struck that small hard ball and then putted it into the hole.

She glanced up once again on the site and then looked right through Daniel.

“Oh, that was nothing, really”, Sarah answered confidently, as they continued their game.

They played in this large open air course two times a month. They were both members at this well-known country golf club in the city. There were moments when the light was just right, the sky was clear, and the colors of the nature were full, this country club would look like nothing less than a giant emerald stain softly into Chicago skyline.

Casually Daniel and Sarah would have taken some refreshments or snacks together after their games. But Sarah would always pass up all invitations, whenever Daniel would ask her out for a dinner or even a cup of coffee. Sarah and Daniel knew each other from this club even before Sarah met Phil.

Phil went to Chinatown to gather some facts and data for his article. He waited for the Chinese guy to interview at one of the famous cafe in town.

On that same hour, Sarah was on her way back to her office. She had bought the herbal medicine that her mom had asked her to buy at Chinatown. But as soon as she got on her car, she was peeved. She could not believe it, when her car would not start. She was bugged even when suddenly a heavy rain fell down. She decided to enter a cafe nearby to relax herself instead.

The man, who supposed to meet Phil, did not show up, “Hey, I am sorry man, I was caught by a traffic jam. Because of the heavy rain, the cars went all crazy. Let’s scheduled it again. I will call you.”

Phil was about to leave when Sarah entered the cafe. Her beauty stunned him that instead of leaving, he was happy to offer her the empty seat next to him.
The cafe was full that Sarah said, “Thank you very much, you’re so kind”.

“It’s my pleasure, my beautiful lady”, Phil cheerfully answered back.

It was then their friendship had started.

After several weeks, they exclusively dated each other.

And then after several months they fell in love with each other.

They could not stand to be far away from each other.

One day they just decided to live together.

Phil, who was renting a one bedroom flat, had asked Sarah to live with him.

It is located near his work. The location is beneficial for both of them, because city conveniences are just minutes away.

He had been renting this apartment for almost ten years. He had been enjoying his stay in this very affordable and managed spacious one bedroom apartment homes.
The grounds are lushly landscaped. Mature trees surrounded the grounds in a quiet residential setting.

Phil and Sarah are two funny people and both just love to eat all kinds of sea foods.

One day they went to eat in a Seafood Restaurant. They had a great time and were both so full. They went to bed very satisfied, when Phil emitted gas…and then it followed by Sarah which sounded like laugher. All at once both of them got up from bed and opened their bedroom windows. They just could not stand the little aromatic they just exploded in their bed room. They giggled and teased each other who would go first to sit on the throne…

Once a month, they would spend their weekends to Sarah’s parents’ house. Before they would go to bed, they would just spend their moment together on the terrace. They both loved to watch the moonlight. Phil would embrace her behind and would hold her closer to him. He would reach on her lips to kiss her, while having his right hand caressed both on her breasts and his left hand between her thighs. Phil would enter her from behind and made love to her freely. Both of them would feel impassioned and just hit the roof afterwards…They would want more of each other and would have their love-making continued on Sarah’s bedroom. Sarah would use to tease him and then Phil would run after her to bed. Phil would catch her off guard to join her body once again and both of them would come to a crescendo.

He kissed her lips gently and Sarah thought for a moment she was with Phil, until she opened her eyes.

“Hey, you’re here, I was just having a rest, I did not realize the time… I must have fallen asleep,” she smiled at him.

And then Daniel went to sit on the sofa bed across her study table, “I told Armando to tell you that when you arrived, you should join me in the music room”, Daniel was a little bit upset.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, he did. But I just went to sit here in my study to rest for a few minutes, and funny I dozed off, hehehehe” She managed to give a laugh and tried to cheer herself up. She knew she was in trouble.

She appreciates his love and care for her, but Daniel has an attitude. Sarah would really like to love him as much as she loves Phil, but she just could not feel it…

Six months ago, Daniel was so happy. Finally Sarah had accepted his invitation. He brought her to one of the best Chicago restaurants in Illinois. Both of them had once-in-a-lifetime dining experience in this restaurant. She was really impressed.

She told him there, that Phil and her had ended up their relationship but would still be keeping in touch. She was honest about it. Daniel accepted it, even he knew that Sarah was still in love with Phil.

Daniel did not change his mind. He wanted her for a long time. He was a very practical man and was already looking for a wife and get settled. He found Sarah to be very suitable in his lifestyle. No wonder he fell in love with her at once.

After spending a few dates together, Daniel had proposed marriage to Sarah.

Sarah thought, she could have a good life with him and would later learn to love him. She accepted his marriage proposal and they started to live together.

Sarah told him, “Daniel, we should not get married right away. I would not like to rush things, especially when it comes to marriage, I hope you would understand”. She proposed that they should live together first and see whether their relationship would click together or not. Daniel did not argue with her and had accepted it.

When Daniel was not busy with his business, he would like that Sarah would spend her time with him.
He preferred Sarah to be very attentive with his needs, while he provided her all the things that she would wish to have.

Daniel has a wild and heavy load of sex drive. He is a bit horny too.

One time they were having a shower together, and Daniel teased her and dared that he could pick up the soap with his ass. Sarah thought, he was just joking, but she was surprised. He really did.

At first, Sarah thought it was weird, but she just thought of it as part of his sexual play. She just laughed at him. Although, she was really turned off, Sarah would rather let Daniel know that it was not her thing.

Sarah is not a judgmental person. She believes that people are entitled to have their own wishes, as long as these things would make them happy and they do not harm anyone. Daniel adores her for that.

Sarah could have enjoyed the sex with him, but it was not deep. There was no passion and romance. It was all an art of play and enjoyment of sexual activity. She never felt the True Joy within her inner being that she had with Phil.

And even Daniel could have really loved and given her all the luxury in this world, because he is after all a very rich guy, yet she is not happy with him. Instead, she loves Phil who is just a regular guy.

Daniel got up, “I’ll go ahead now…Our dinner will be served soon. Would you join me?”

“Of course, I will…” She gave him a smile as Daniel went out from her study room.

Sarah thought deeply now, “It is time for me to face the truth. I should not be afraid to let it out… I just got to tell him tonight after dinner, that I can never love him. I cannot continue my relationship with him. I must be ready with the consequences no matter how much painful the result may be…”

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