Make a Living in Music by Gigging in Retirement Homes Etc

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In a world where the population is staying healthier and living longer there continues to be massive growth in the area of caring for the elderly. New Retirement Homes and Retirement Villages as well as Nursing and Care Homes are being built and re-developed all over the UK and across Europe, USA and the Rest of the World. For instance did you know that there are over 5000 Nursing Homes across Spain, half of which have been built since 2002? The well-being of this section of our communities has never been so much in the limelight and their daily care and activities is of paramount importance.

Music has been noted as one of the most important and beneficial activities in the care of the elderly and there are great opportunities for musicians, singers, and entertainers of all types to play a major role at this stage in a person’s life. Gone are the days when Residential Homes and Nursing Homes in particular would rely on the talents of volunteers to supply them with their weekly sing-a-long. In this day and age nearly every establishment has an “Activities Coordinator” who’s job it is to make sure that the residents are kept occupied throughout the day and that regular entertainment is provided. Unlike a few short years ago, companies and individual owners are now expected to have a budget for entertainment and other general activities because it has been recognised throughout the whole Care Industry that “Music” especially, has an amazingly positive influence on the life of the elderly and those that are un-well, disabled or infirm.

So, not only is there a great benefit to the well-being of others but it is now also possible to seriously consider this type of establishment as a regular booking in your gigging schedule.

Here are the simple facts: There are almost 20,000 Retirement Homes and Sheltered Schemes in the UK and over 12,400 Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes. That’s over 32,000 potential places that you could contact regarding entertainment. If only 1% of those gave you a booking you would have a gig everyday of the year. That’s how big this market really is. This figure doesn’t even include the many hundreds of Day Centres and Active Retirement Clubs and Associations there are out there, or even any of the Birthdays and Anniversary Parties that will come your way once you get going and people like what you have to offer.

I am sharing this information with you because I believe that there are many of you out there who have a great talent and are just not aware of the opportunities available in this massive market area of Retirement Homes, Residential Homes and Nursing Homes etc. I certainly wasn’t, and it has been a real blessing for me to be able to experience the warmth and appreciation that you get from the people living in these places as well as getting paid for the privilege.

If you are someone who is just starting out on your musical career and want to experience playing in front of an audience then this niche area of the entertainment industry is definitely something to consider. Or if you are already an established musician or entertainer and would like to add one or two bookings per week to your diary then this is a very serious option for you. However you might be like me and find that once you come across an idea that works you want to put all of your energy in to it. Well the good news is there is enough work to be had to make a very good living from gigging in these establishments.

Providing entertainment in Retirement Homes and Nursing Homes is very rewarding. They are usually great fun and the residents are extremely friendly and accommodating. Whatever umbrella your style of music falls under, there is a place for you in this enormous niche market. If you are a musician or entertainer who has free time on their hands, especially during the daytime and all you can think about to earn more money is to go and get a part-time job somewhere then why not consider this option.

Could it be that a brand new future awaits you?

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