Judgment by Joseph Finder

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Can one choice change your life? You bet! Just ask Juliana Brody. Superior Court Judge, and the star of Judgment. The new suspense legal thriller from the master of fiction entertainment – Joseph Finder.

A single choice. A lapse in judgment. Just one change your life. Just ask Juliana Brody. Superior Court Judge, wife, mother of two, and the star of Joseph Finder’s latest stand-alone, suspense-legal-thriller.

Far from home, attending yet another boring conference Juliana will discover she forgot to pack her good judgment. Sitting at the bar, two drinks in, talking to a hot stranger. You already know where this is going, don’t you? Yep! Straight to his place.

Their lust spent and the benefits of alcohol long since evaporated, the two part company. Juliana assumes she can return home, rededicate herself to her family, and never think of the stranger again. Amid all the hustle and bustle of an up and coming judge’s world, a case on her docket was gaining national attention. Breezi (the fictional equivalent of Uber) CEO was being sued for sexual discrimination and the spotlight was on Juliana. Calling the courtroom to order the judge notices a familiar face at the defense table. Could it be? Yes it could and it was — seated at the defense table was the hot stranger from the bar. Now things get really interesting.

It was all a setup. Their hot dalliance had been videotaped. Breezi intended to win this case and they wanted the judge to make sure they did. As long as Juliana played along the tape would remain confidential, and no one would ever be the wiser. However, if she refused, her career, her family, life as she had known it would be gone. She had no choice, right? She had to rule in their favor and keep her family safe. But could she really do that? Would she?

What follows is a cat and mouse game that will keep you ferociously turning pages to find out what is going to happen next. Joseph Finder’s stories have an ounce of realism, for every three ounces of fiction. Judgment’s plotline could easily be the lead story on the six-o-clock news tonight. Finder is able to erase the line between fact and fiction. He weaves a beautiful web that ensnares you. Then silky thread, by silky thread, he deconstructs the web revealing the bad guys and their true motivations. It is a hypnotic, fun, action-packed journey second to none.

Ever since I read Paranoia, I have been hooked. (That was way back in — well, it has been a few years.) Joseph Finder does his homework. His books are always relevant in some way. His writing is smooth and fluid. No hiccups or stop and starts. The short, crisp chapters add to the tension, giving the dialogue a sense of urgency. The characters are well thought-out, three-dimensional, and genuine. Like ’em or hate ’em, the good, bad, and the ugly too – all of them feel real. While there are times when reality must be suspended in order to fully enjoy the ride, that’s what good fiction is supposed to do – take us away from our reality and entertain us for a couple of hours. Joseph Finder does that better than most. He is a master entertainer. I always look forward to his books. Even though I have to wait a year, sometimes longer – his writing is worth the wait.

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