Increase Sexual Endurance – What You Can Do Tonight

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Learning how to increase sexual endurance is an important part of satisfying our partners. Sexual stamina isn’t everything, but without being able to give her an orgasm through penetration, she will never be completely satisfied. Think of it from her perspective. Would you be satisfied if you couldn’t have an orgasm from intercourse? I doubt it.

That’s why learning how to increase sexual endurance is more important than just having more fun in the bedroom. It comes down to building a stronger bond with your partner by building deep sexual intimacy. Sex often has a negative and “wrong” perception these days, and with the adult entertainment industry I’m not surprised. But passionate lovemaking can be a deep experience, one that should be treasured and appreciated. After all, take away sex and you take away our existence.

But now the question remains, how do we improve sexual endurance and last longer during sex?

What You Can Use Tonight:

Change your sexual position. Changing your positions in bed can have a more profound impact than you think. A good rule of thumb is to find a position that take away stress and tension from your muscles. But remember, all guys are different so you need to find what works best for you. Women on top (cowgirl) and doggy-style are popular positions to increase sexual endurance. Ones to stay away from include spooning positions (as it causes more friction and sensation) and the man on top, or missionary positions.

The simple act of switching positions can only be useful. When you feel too close to the edge, try tweaking or switching your sexual position. This will also make lovemaking more exciting!

Another thing is to immerse yourself in the act of lovemaking. Many men tell me this is the complete opposite of what they would like to do, and it’s no surprise that’s the case considering the most popular method to longer sex is the distraction technique. Don’t even get me started on that. Distracting yourself during lovemaking by thinking of boring or discussing thoughts? Than what’s the point of sex?

Immersion yourself is a good way to increase sexual endurance because it allows you to shut off your thoughts. Focusing on what’s happening around you allows you to appreciate everything without becoming too aroused. Remember it’s not the sensations that cause you to come too soon, it’s your arousal levels! And you may not realize it now, but you have the ability to completely shut off your mind and therefore control your arousal.

In fact, it’s important to remember that you are in control. Realizing this can be the turning point and key to lasting longer during sex. You hold the key to your own sexual performance. Take this attitude to heart and you will be shocked with how effectively you can increase your sexual endurance.

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