Five Secrets To Finding A Cinema Near Me

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It is no secret that in the United States we love our movies. Any day of the week, relaxing and seeing a movie after a busy day of work or dinner is a favorite way to spend the evenings and nights for most. Movies allow us to enter a new world of possibilities while simultaneously learning about our own. There is nothing difficult about sitting down, opening your mind, and letting a movie sweep you away- except for maybe finding the perfect theater to watch it. For that we have you covered. Here are five secrets to finding a cinema near me.

1. Local Newspapers

Most major cities have a popular local newspaper that many residents go to for all of their weekly local events and screenings. If you are interested in seeing what new movies are being released in your area, pick up one of these newspapers and flip through the entertainment section. They are sure to have reviews by local critics, screening times, and possibly even some reviews from audience members to give a more balanced picture of what the general audience feels about the movie.

2. Vlog Reviews

There are many movie vlogs you can check out as well. A vlog is basically a blog but instead of reading the writings of the author you watch their live video recordings. Sites such as Vimeo or YouTube host many different vloggers from unknown and starting out to household names. Some vlogs focus on one style of movie- say comic book movies- and offer particularly in depth reviews about them. They will also provide links for find a theater near you.

3. Blog Reviews

For those of you who prefer to take in your information the old-fashioned way, blogs still remain very popular. There are many blog sites that offer reviews and backstories to movies as well as details about the actors, directors, and any studio/production drama that ensued during filming. Much like vlogs, they offer very niche in-depth reviews as well as links to local theaters and resources.

4. Movie review sites

Many movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes will offer critical reviews and audience comments on new releases. This is a great place to see all the newest movie releases with ratings while seeing which locations in your local area are showing which. Some theaters themselves will offer similar services on their own website complete with ticketing information and online ordering.

5. Online ticketing

Some websites such as Fandango serve to provide a quick and easy way to see all movie releases with links to movie review sites, ticketing, and local theaters. You can become a member and get emails straight to your inbox regarding new releases and special events. With direct links to your local cinemas, these sites are the most direct way to find the information you are looking for.

Use these resources the next time you decide to find that perfect movie to unwind with.

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