Female Orgasms – How to Give Her a Volcanic Female Ejaculation!

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Most women want female ejaculations but don’t know how to do it. Learn how to give her a volcanic eruption, starting tonight. Learn this simple 5-step technique!

Female ejaculations have been talked about since the time of Aristotle – over 2,000 years ago! They are here and here to stay. You can learn how to take part in these eruptive orgasms starting today.

Women need proper stimulation and mental preparation in order to satisfy their need to have the fun they need and desire. The first step is ramping up her imagination and fantasies. Since the brain is the biggest sex organ in the body, the man should take the time to get her fantasy going crazy. Make her want and crave what is to happen.

You can do that by telling her stories, hearing her stories, or asking her how she’d like this technique or that technique. Once she rehearses the activities in her head she will start to re-live them in her body.

The second step is to make her feel comfortable, cherished, and adored. Once women know that they are accepted, they can open up to other possibilities. Give them security in their mind and they can wander out for other adventures.

The third step is to carefully give her a clitoral orgasm. The secret is light and intermittent touch. Never give it a firm pressure or forceful attack at the first. Your job is to tease her until she can’t stand it and begs for more. Only at that time should you give her regular and firm touches.

The man who learns this learns how to touch the woman the way she wants to be touched. This is how a woman touches herself. Take your time and do it right.

Gradually increase your pressure and the regularity of your touching. She’ll let you know when to do it by her groans, moans, and sighs. When she gives you the go-ahead then you can apply more touch.

This can be done with the fingers, thumb, tongue, or mouth. The type of contact is not as important as the touch that she receives. Tease and then please.

Once she receives the clitoral climax she is then ready for her other spot to be relieved. It is found inside about two inches at the top.

In step four, you should give pressure on the g-spot with your index and middle fingers. Push upwards rather than straight in. You should feel a upraised spot about the size of a bean or a dime. Work your fingers inside, with a firm thrusting action, occasionally rotating the fingers.

She should feel a deep throbbing feeling and pressure mounting upside deep within. Keep up the movement until she starts to squirm, pulsate, and quiver. This should be a great one!

The fifth step is what sets her off. Use your thumb on the c-spot and your two fingers on the Grafenberg spot. You should think of your thumb and fingers as pincers. As you bring the pincers together you will be hitting both stops at the same time. Your goal is to bring her off on both spots at the same time.

This makes her vagina tent in and tents out at the same time. In other words it will be sucking in and blowing out concurrently. This action short-circuits the brain because it has probably not felt it before. This exciting feeling is both new and wild.

As she climaxes on both spots she will be convulsing, breathing hard, and her whole body will be shaking and twitching. Many women start yelling, screaming, and vocalizing your name.

Generally, this is when they will start their explosive spurts. Keep applying the forceful stimulations until she finishes and then your pressure should be light and intermittent again. The more you do this the more they are successful. The body seems to remember past experiences and give you compound interest on your new experiences.

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