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the reason that I choose to start talking about implants is very simple, in my point of view they are the beginners in EBM, or using a better choice of words, they are the least invasive of the 3 base techniques.
I found so many types of implants and all of them are very interesting, So I decided to write about:

Eye ball jewellery

Magnetic Implants

3d implants

Eye ball jewellery is probably one of the newest techniques of the all EBM. It was developed by ophthalmologic experts, it is an ocular Surgery that adds a decorative platinum implant inserted under a thin membrane in the eye, which holds the implant in place. Since the membrane is clear, the implant can be seen clearly against the white of the eye. There are not many shapes of ornaments offered yet, and it is a very new procedure that for now can only be done officially in Holland, the cost is around U$ 1200.So far the doctors could not find a side effect to it, what does not mean that there aren’t any. In the U.S. some States committees already approved a bill to ban it; the procedure goes more or less like the following:

o The eye is anesthetized with routine eye-drop anaesthesia medication.

o The eye is decontaminated and draped with routine techniques used in ocular surgery.

o An intra conjunctival bleb is created by injection of BSS in the most superficial conjunctive layer. The bleb may be positioned adjacent to the temporal limbus.

o With conjunctive scissors, the bleb is opened and a superficial intra conjunctival tunnel is made.

o The tunnel is checked to determine if it is wide enough to accommodate the implant.

o The device is inserted into the tunnel up to the desired final position of the implant.

o With a sponge, all excess BSS is removed from the implantation area.

o At the end of the procedure, antibiotic drops are applied onto the eye.

o Postoperative management includes antibiotic eye drops for 1-2 week(s).

o The procedure takes about 15 minutes.

So far Doctors could not find any side effect or complications caused by the implant, and hopefully they won’t find any. So keep in mind, there are very few people authorized to do this procedure, and so far it can only be realised in Holland, and even so only 2 clinics are fully authorized to do so.

Magnetic Implants:

What are they? They are small magnet implanted under your skin with the purpose to enhance your senses as if it was the acquisition of the so famous sixth sense, how it happens, by moving in response to an electromagnetic field and transferring this as sensation to the surrounding nerves.

We can divide the magnetic implants into 4 types:

Sensory: The one that supposed to give you the sixth sense

Sexual: Where the magnets are placed inside the most sensitive area or the genitalia of a couple, male and female have to get the implant, it supposed to enhance the feeling of the body parts while in movement against each other, they can also be placed in the lips.

Symbolic: is implanted but a couple to create a magnetic bond as the two people hold hands, as there are not real proves that a couple can really exchange energy through this technique, we can take it as more discrete kind of wedding rings.

Functional: Probably not a very comfortable matter, but if you get larger magnets you would be able to pick up things such as screws and some other items, with the magnets commonly used you can’t pick up more than a paper clips, the up side of having such small magnets is that they wont affect your credit cards, hard drives, monitors, and so on.

To get the implant is also quite simple:

Small incision in the tip of the finger and opening a pocket

Create a tinny pocket to add the magnetic pellet (the magnets are about a third the size of a grain of rice)

Do the suture and bandage the finger tips (the procedure takes about half an hour to do 5 fingers)

The first few days the sensation is not very pleasant but after a week and the stitches taken off the pain goes away and in the period between 1 to 4 weeks you can start to enjoy the magnetic field moving feeling, and the benefit of this EBM is that the scars are almost invisible and if what I read is true, the feeling is quite interesting.

Because this procedure is bran new the side effects are not known yet, but the biocompatibility of neodymium, but it is considered a generally toxic irritant and moderately poisonous with documented adverse effects. In order to keep the magnet from coming in contact with the skin, it has to be coated with a sheath of biocompatible silicone, there is always the risk of “peeled” the silicone off of the magnet, if it happens the compromised magnet should be replaced by removed and replaced by a new one.

This procedure is so very new that not even all the BM specialists are doing it; some are waiting for it to get a bit safer and better developed. Because so far risks are unknown, but once that the coating of the magnet problem is solved it will probably turn into a huge trend among people. But if you are one of those that want to get all of it first, please wait until it is proved safe.

3d implants: It is the act of placing an object under the skin to create a design on the skin’s surface, it is actually a very simple technique, an incision is made, and the implant that can be made out of many materials (titanium, soft or solid silicon, Teflon and steel, the steel variety sometimes can cause an infection, there is also the option of natural bone tissue) is inserted, you are stitched up and ready to go. Simple….the after care apparently is simpler than the after care of a piercing. To get a 3D implant you can choose many areas of the body, forehead (the intern horns, third eye and the external horns), you can place spikes on your head, beads on your arms, legs, chest and many but many more, if you are a guy you can get your penis beaded (pearling), in many different ways.

Some of the risks of the implants are:

-Tissue Resorption: erosion of the tissue by rubbing or pressure applied against the body. Implant can bury itself into the muscles wearing down the body’s natural defences; this risk can happen especially with hard materials such as Teflon and stain less steel so if you want to get it done try to use softer materials such as silicone and choose safer places to add the implants.

-Implant Rejection: Is when the implants put enough pressure on the skin above them, that it actually manage to do enough damage to surrounding tissue that the skin above the implant dies and the implant becomes exposed ,once this process begins there’s not lot that can be done about it other than removing the implant.

-Pressure on Nerve and Muscle: When an implant is placed on top of muscle, nerves, or blood vessels, it has the potential to interfere with their functioning. To minimize the risk you have to be sure to tell the 3D artist if you are experiencing anything that can be related to it, this way the artist can change the positioning or the placement of the implant without harm you, in some cases the procedure has to be postponed or aborted. You should also strongly consider research about the kind of implant that you will get and the location of it so you can do it safely.
There are also many other possible risks that can be associated with implants such as:

Keloids, Implant surface contamination, Implant Biocompatibility, Implant Finishing, Lidocaine Toxicity, Anaesthetic allergy, Sub dermal Shifting, Mod before Client, Needle allergy, Adrenalin Excitement, Impact damage, Hypertrophy scarring, Abscess, Boils, Cancer, Blood loss, Shock, Bloodborne Pathogens

OK that is all for now guys, next week I will be writing about Surgical modification……And I can promise to you all that it will be a very, but a very interesting article….Until them, go have fun and enjoy life…
Yes, I’m really trying to fix my karma thing……we never know what can happen tomorrow…..

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