Does Lindsay Lohan Truly Have an Addiction Problem, Or Are Her Parents the Issue?

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Is it too late for Lindsay? The latest news of her brief stint in an California jail has continued to reveal the child star is still experiencing some growing pains making the transition into adulthood a successful one. Is what Lindsay Lohan is publicly going through something to be concerned about, does she truly have an addiction problem or is this a well-planned publicity stunt by her own parents?

Imagine being a young child and having a full time career, what that would be like as far as responsibility and maturity. Not only a child with a full time job, but one with a job in the pubic eye which produces a different variable to do normal activities such as go to your high prom or even shop with friends at the mall. It certainly would cause one to grow up entirely too fast and at times be rather challenging to make and trust friends or peers. With all that in mind, is it really that unreasonable to imagine someone that had endured fame at such a young age such as Lindsay to find herself using drugs or alcohol now as an adult? If you take a glance at pop culture and how the world is turning into a place for celebrities to become even more famous, the vast majority of these young celebrities are having drug or alcohol related problems. In recent years more of them are overdosing and dying at younger ages than ever before. The main concern being that Lindsay will be the next fatality.

While Lindsay may or may not have a legitimate alcohol problem, her parents seem to be taking the opportunity to publicly bash each other and for that reason many are becoming very skeptical that she in fact may not have an issue at all. Lindsay’s mother Dina is not shy about expressing her feelings for her ex-husband Michael who has had his own run ins with the law over the past few years. While Michael does not comment as much regarding his relations with his ex-wife, he does publicly acknowledge his daughter’s addiction problems. Dina has made several public appearances to defend Lindsay’s actions with a recent trip to the Today Show this month where she yet again appeared to be directing most of her daughter’s issues toward the example her ex-husband has set for Lindsay.

It is one thing for divorced couples to not think fondly of each other, it is another for them to utilize a public forum to express those feelings. While Lindsay makes seldom appearances to discuss her trials and tribulations, her parents seem to be jumping at every chance to use Lindsay’s scandal as method to get their own fifteen minutes of fame to bash each other. Hopefully over the next few months the real issues at hand will be resolved by Lindsay taking her recovery seriously and her parents placing their focus on their daughter’s well being to get her back into the acting scene again.

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