Best Sex Positions For Killer G-Spot Orgasms

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Sex is a great enjoyment for every living organism and for this purpose they are always on the look out for more and more ways to spice up their sex experiences. They look for the best sex positions to add more fun and pleasure in their sex life. Sex positions are a must for creating intimacy between couples and this way they can develop better understanding and passion among themselves. There are certain sex positions which can pep up your sex life in an incredible and give your woman a hot, seismic g spot orgasm. Below are some of the best sex positions for her pleasure, read them carefully.

1- The Missionary Positions:

This is a very basic and known by all position but very few men know that this is one of the best sex positions for g-spot stimulation. With this position you can establish an eye contact with your partner and can also penetrate in a better way. To add bit more fun in this sex position, you can just rock back and forth instead of thrusting giving your woman more pleasure.

2- Woman On Top:

Another common but highly effective sex position for better g-spot stimulation. There is something very sexy about this which makes this one of the best sex positions in hot love making. It gives power to a woman to have full control on depth, intensity and speed and you get the ability to explore and play with your woman more passionately.

3- Man Kneeling or Standing:

This is an amazing position which will add an extra flare in your relationship if you are a bit creative. Women love super sexy ways and this is one of the best ways to hit their g spot while making love. To do this position in many ways you can use a sofa, a chair or simply your dining table. The only secret of this position is that your partner is angles upward having her legs spread wide open or resting on your shoulders. Just try this position tonight for hotter love making.

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