Assassination of Benazir Bhutto as Shown Through Vedic Astrology

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Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani democratic resistance leader, was assassinated on December 27, 2007. The effects of this assassination will be far reaching. World leaders are very concerned as Pakistan is one of the few nuclear powers in the world, existing amidst a populace that includes a very present radical Islam element. The prospect of this country slipping into either hardline fascist/military or radical Islam a hands is very scary.

I expressed concern about this several months ago while discussing Mars in the Nakshatra of Ardra. At the time I was commenting relative to the California wildfires. However, at the time I drew a larger picture of this dangerous section of the sky in relationship to the United States activity in different wars. This post appeared on my blog at in a posting titles “California Fires and Ardra Nakshatra”

The possibility of a cataclysmic, history making tragedy was alluded to in my blog post “Dangerous Week Ahead” on December 16, 2007.

At the time I said:

With both Mercury and the Sun passing through this vulnerable point tonight and into tomorrow at the same time the possibility of unpredictable events is high. This may show in accidents, criminal behavior, suicides, sudden deaths on a personal level.
Furthermore, I sense the real possibility of some calamity in the next few days. Especially as it relates to explosions – assassinations, terrorist type / War-like events. This is due to several factors.”

At the time I thought that several planets changing signs during that day and into early the next week would bring about the tragedy. Yet, it took a longer. It took an absolute direct opposition between Mars and Jupiter to trigger the cataclysmic events that was almost surely indicated.

At the time I said these influences were key:

1) Mars is retrograde in the nakshatra of Ardra, a destructive nakshatra ruled by Rahu and related to lord Siva, the destroyer. Ardra is one of the most
destructive nakshatras.

2) Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and the Western planetoid Pluto will be aspecting from Mula Nakshatra. Mula is ruled by Ketu and related to the vedic God Kali (called nirriti or “calamity” in the Rg Veda).

3) Adding to this is the severe combustion of Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto. Combustion makes for a sensitive “flash point” type mentality that lacks
patience and discrimination.

Aside from the exact opposition between Mars and Jupiter, the other major circumstance that brought about this event was Venus leaving her sign of Libra. While Venus was in Libra there was a lot of protection and care, even in the midst of potential danger — and there were several dangerous things that happened last week that did not manifest. In particular, there were two major earthquakes last week, both measuring close to seven on the Richter scale — yet no one was hurt. Both happened in remote areas. One happened in Alaska and another in New Zealand. Yet had they occurred in populated areas there would have been huge death tolls. I’ve been watching earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural phenomena for years now and I have never seen two major earthquakes one day after the next in totally different areas. I have seen earthquakes with very large aftershocks the day after, but not in two completely separate areas of the world. With Venus in Libra there was protection.

Venus changed signs on Christmas day and we were all shocked by the sudden Tiger attack and death of a young man at the San Francisco zoo. Also, there was a major airplane crash, I believe in Panama, on Christmas Day. Airplanes and vehicles are related to Venus. Her transit from Libra into Scorpio has withdrawn the protection from tragedy and revealed a very undiplomatic quality in our personal relations as well.

I made this YouTube video which shows the exact planetary placements today in Pakistan.

As dark as this may seem today, given the nature of Jupiter in Sagittarius and his auspicious influence in this event, there is hope. Mrs. Bhutto go was a champion of peace and democracy. Her willingness to pay the highest price and make the deepest sacrifice for her people will not be wasted. The cries of democracy and freedom are burning Bright in Pakistan as shown by the demonstrations in her honor. We must all pray that stability and a peaceful transition to a stable democracy happens with as little bloodshed and suffering as possible. As was said, the stakes are too high in this part of the world and therefore, for all of us here as well.

Her life has already changed the debate. As a Muslim woman courageously standing for her principles she has inspired the world. She has now become a martyr, a symbol. Her democratic message and sacrifice now transcends her life and personal struggles. This iconic quality, almost religious in nature, is shown by the presence of Jupiter. Given that Jupiter is powerful and righteous in this position, in Sagittarius, we can predict a hopeful outcome. Yet astrology is not fatalistic. It shows how we can align our actions with God’s deeper purpose. Astrology is creative and shows the creative possibility in any situation. We must insist in this country as well on democratic reform and accountability from both parties.

I still have deep concerns about the possibility of further assassinations or other type of sudden events like this in the coming months. In the Democratic Party especially, the two front runners represents segments of the population that have never been elected, a woman and a black man. With our primary season just around the corner, with its large crowds, this type of activity and danger is certainly present. Honestly, I have been concerned about assassinations in this country for quite a while now. Mars is going to continue to dance back and forth within a few degrees of this Pluto opposition and also Jupiter for several more months.

Now more than ever your prayers and good intentions for the world are not wasted. That includes your friends, enemies and those who you oppose or think are in opposition to you.

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