5 Things Necessary to Become a Major League Soccer Intern

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Since I first started college back in the fall of 2008 I have spent endless hours searching out internships in the sport of soccer. The majority of the internships are with teams in Major League Soccer (MLS). Every internship has requirements for potential candidates. I have found that the following five requirements are crucial for hopeful interns applying with Major League Soccer.

1. Communication Skills –

Employers want to hire interns with written and oral communication skills. Most interns will at one time or another be working with a computer. Whether it be an internship in operations or marketing there will be times when written communication skills will come into play. Some examples are writing emails and creating business memos. Oral communication skills will always come into play. Simply talking with employees, potentially dealing with team staff and players, and working with fans are examples of oral communication skills. Effective communication is crucial in Major League Soccer organizations.

2. College Credit –

Major League Soccer internships require that the intern receive college credit for their time with the team. The reason college credit is required is simply because the internships are unpaid. Whether it is three or twelve credits, as long as college credit is received a student will qualify for an internship.

3. Loyalty –

If there is one thing every Major League Soccer organization looks for in an intern its loyalty. Interns will be in the office and around the team. They will be hearing news about current players, potential roster moves, team staff and even deals going on with sponsors. This information has to stay at work. The information interns are privy to cannot be shared with family or friends simply because it could be leaked to the public. So a team has to feel comfortable that an intern understands the importance of keeping team information to themselves.

4. Knowledge and Passion for the Sport of Soccer –

An intern will need to know the ins and outs of the sport of soccer. Interns will be around players and team staff every day. Having a passion for soccer will keep an intern focused and interested in their everyday duties. Wanting to come into work every day makes the office a better place for all employees.

5. Dependability –

Interns need to be available five days a week and most of the time Saturdays as a sixth day. When a full-time employee is out of the office often times an intern will fill in for them. Interns need to be available at all times. There is always the possibility of being called into the office for work. The reason interns need to available on Saturdays is because this is when Major League Soccer games are played. In a sport where money is everything you can never get enough free help during a televised event like an MLS game. If you aren’t dependable odds are you aren’t intern material.

In a job market with limited opportunities what student couldn’t use a leg up on other potential interns? These five necessities are sought after by Major League Soccer organizations across the league. I hope this information will prove beneficial to those seeking internships in Major League Soccer. Internships lead to jobs so what better chance to prove yourself?

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