5 Clever Tips That Help You Save Money On Children’s Entertainment

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Raising children in today’s society is no easy or cheap feat. With the technology available in this day and age, many children grow accustomed to elaborate and expensive sources of entertainment. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are five clever tips to help you save money on your children’s entertainment:

1. Search for discounts.

There are many available websites geared toward coupons and discounts. Couponing used to be a way to save money on groceries for the frugal household. Today, though, many companies are offering discounts online and in stores. Video arcades, entertainment centers, aquariums and zoos are just a few examples of local attractions that offer deals and discounts. Check online discount sites regularly for any deals that may surface.

2. Join a local playgroup.

The internet has done wonders for connecting many different people, including those who would not normally meet. Many towns and cities host local parent groups that offer weekly or monthly meet-ups for parents and their children. Often, these groups meet in local parks playgrounds or child friendly restaurants, giving the parents a chance to socialize with adults, and the children the opportunity to meet other kids their age. Plus, the bigger the group, the better the chance of receiving a discount on children’s entertainment. Children love playing and what better resource than other moms and dads who know the area.

3. Purchase season passes.

Individual tickets/admission prices can really start to add up when a family visits an attraction multiple times a month or even year. If you find yourself taking your children to the same parks, pools, or events, consider purchasing a season pass. Many season passes allow an entire family to attend an event, and the price you would normally pay for each individual at each visit quickly surpasses the price of the season pass. Check online and via telephone for season passes to the places you and your children love.

4. Volunteer

Children do not always need expensive gadgets and luxurious vacations to stay entertained. Instead, look to doing some good in your neighborhood while having fun with your children. Animal shelters and local parks and beaches are always looking for volunteers. Just make sure you call ahead to see if the organization welcomes children as volunteers. You will not only enjoy the time spent with your child, but you will be making a positive impact on your child. Who said children’s entertainment must always involve spending money?

5. Check for rewards programs.

Many families have a favorite spot for child-friendly entertainment. Much like a season pass, many of these businesses offer a loyalty & rewards program for faithful patrons. Always inquire as to the availability of such programs at your next visit. Examples of such rewards programs include stamping a card for every visit or purchase. After so many visits or purchases, the card may be redeemed for a free visit. The idea is to reward a customer and his family for their loyalty.

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