You Gotta Serve Somebody

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Many people understand that a part of their life is being in service to someone or something. Our military and elected officials are expected to understand the terms; they are in service. For others like the medical fields, farmers, truckers, train engineers, contractors and wait staff at any establishment they understand their efforts are providing a service. If their efforts are good enough their product will sell enriching them in some manner. Service is necessary; everyone relies on it while few really appreciate the importance of the work of service providers.

Somewhere along the road to success many people forget that they too are service providers, and that their end customer must believe their service is worth paying for. Actors, actresses, sports figures, and most of the entertainment industry seem to be afflicted with the idea that they do not need anyone once they achieve success. They have lost sight of the person carrying the wallet that is opened to pay for their performance and the importance of that person to their continued good fortune. They look with disdain at all the trades and industries that exist to fill the wallets making their success possible. Is it any wonder that their customers have decided it is not worth the effort and have no desire to spend their hard-earned dollars on those who are so disrespectful of them and their efforts? Is this surprising; hardly.

There are perhaps none so oblivious of their own job description as elected officials. They are chosen by popular vote for one reason only; they are sent forth to carry out the wishes of those who voted for them. It is a heady experience to leave the oblivion of being unknown and suddenly find that reporters and news casters find your opinion valuable. Many assume a celebrity status as they find there are opportunities at every corner to receive bribes; many are offered ‘sweetheart’ deals to do the bidding of people who never gave them the opportunity to make those choices. Pay close attention to Senators and Representatives and who they represent. You may find it very surprising that many states are seemingly represented by people who could never share their voter’s values; they refuse to protect their interests. This has become a scourge in America and around the world. People are misrepresented by those they entrusted with their vote; the rewards for disrespecting their constituents are great. The grief and pain they inflict on the unassuming victims who trusted and empowered them can be back-breaking.

America was built on the backs of hard-working men and women who understood they were providing a service to others; they were proud to do so. An honest day’s work for fair pay is a source of pride; humility, honor and integrity are built through those efforts. We are better people when we understand that we ‘gotta serve somebody.’ Doing so with honor is the high mark of achievement; choosing not to reward the people who disrespect your efforts is the high mark of integrity. Making good choices about who we endorse with our money or our vote has never been more important. America speaks loudest with their wallets and their vote. We should make it count, every time.

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