V aka Kim Taehyung was close to not signing up with BigHit (HYBE) despite passing the audition and the reason why will shock you

V aka Kim Taehyung was close to not signing up with BigHit (HYBE) despite passing the audition and the reason why will shock you

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Big Hit Entertainment now recognized as HYBE has given the world one of the most popular Korean pop boy band, BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan. For those who are new to BTS, this is a septet featuring the leader, RM aka Kim Namjoon, Jin aka Kim Seokjin, Suga aka Min Yeungi, J-Hope, Jang Hosok, Jimin aka Includes Park Jimin, V aka Kim Taehyung and Jungkook. aka Gene Jungkook. Now, there are already some stories about how some members almost left Big Hit even before they started out as BTS. We told you about RM, J-Hope, right? So, we are here with another story. V aka Kim Taehyung, the Most Handsome Man of 2021 almost didn’t sign up with Big Hit and the reason it’s so hilarious it’ll become a laughing stock. Also Read – BTS: Jungkook Who Helped Staff Members After Show Proves He’s The Most Hardworking And Humble Person Ever

During the 5th muster in Seoul, V aka Kim Taehyung revealed her funny story about how she signed up with Big Hit (HYBE). It happened that V had gone to support a friend who wanted to audition with the company. Big Hit employees asked V if he wanted to try it too. The Winter Bear singer gave one a try. He also danced in the audition. Staff members then told him that they would join him if he passed the audition. And the call came. V was very surprised and happy. He went home and told the news to his grandmother. However, his grandmother felt that he was being cheated. Uh-huh, that’s right. V has always been close to his grandmother and used to listen to her like a good boy. And so, he was convinced by his grandmother’s words. (Can you believe this?) Interestingly, V’s father also thought that Big Hit is a fake company and this son is scamming us. His father believed that 2AM should be with JYP and not Big Hit (2AM is another boy band that signed up with Big Hit for a brief period). Big Hit had to, literally, call the Dynamite singer’s father and tell him “we’re real.” After that, V signed up with Big Hit. However, in reality, they were duped, but this time by a taxi driver. Watch the video in which V reveals his hilarious sign up story below:

Thank god HYBE calls V’s father, because it’s a septate and it’s unthinkable without any members.

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