Three Ways to Download Books From Google Books

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The internet is an ideal source to get all the information you need, anytime you need it. By connecting your PC to the internet, you can find out the latest news, celebrity gossips, job vacancies, and more. Today, you can even download your favorite books in digital format from the internet. There are numerous websites that offer you thousands of titles available for download, and one of them is Google Books. It is a virtual library that provides millions of publications from many publishers and libraries around the world. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t give permission for you to download the books. You can always read them on website but this means that you have to stay connected to the internet. It is not very convenient if you are always on the go and do not always have internet connection. But now there is a way to download your favorite novels from the website to your PC. You just have to follow one of the three techniques below:

1. Use Google’s PDF download feature. This tool enables you to download the out-of-copyright books. To get your favorite title, simply click the “Full view books” button. If the one you are interested in is a public domain book, you will find a “download” button and you just have to click on it to download the file in PDF format. However, it is worth noting that not all publications can be downloaded as PDF files.

2. Download books from the browse cache. The books on this online library are presented as PNG images on HTML page. It means that you can save each page as an image file to your PC. However, it is not very practical as you have to scroll down the pages and save each page manually. To make the process a bit easier, you have to use your default browser, and follow the steps below:

– Open the folder “C:Documents and Settings%USER%Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files” on your PC and delete all contents.

– Open your default browser and view the book that you have chosen and scroll it down to the very last page.

– Next, go back to the “Temporary Internet Files” folder and copy the PNG files.

– Create a PDF file from the multiple PNG images or print them out for a more convenient reading experience.

3. Last but not least, you can use the Google Books downloader software. This software enables you to download books in either PDF or JPEG format.

Before downloading a book, make sure that you verify if the download is legal or not. You have to know the rules about public domain materials applied in your country. This is why Google doesn’t recommend you to redistribute, sell, or help people to sell or buy books.

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