Critical Thinking: A Closer Look At The ‘I Speak My Truth in MyCalvins’ Advert

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In the latest ad campaign by Calvin Klein, so-called celebrities are talking about how they speak their truth in their Calvin’s. A number of the people in the video say “I speak my truth in my Calvin’s.”

Now, if someone hadn’t heard of Calvin Klein underwear before, they might feel the need to get their hands on some. Not only might one of their favourite celebrity/s have been featured in the ad, but this underwear could seem to be extremely powerful.

A Special Suit

So, in the same way that a super hero will become someone else when they put on their special suit; wearing this underwear will also give them something that they don’t already have. What could also play a part here is that they could be out of touch with their own inner power.

The way for them to change this is then going to be for them to wear the right underwear. If they do feel the need to buy this branded underwear, it doesn’t mean that they will be consciously aware of why this is.

A Key Part

Seeing their favourite celebrity/s will have no doubt had an effect on this decision, but it is unlikely to be the only thing. The loud music, along with the semi-naked bodies, will have also helped.

These two things will have got their rational brain out the way, so that the emotional part of them – the part that drives their behaviour – can be influenced. After all, the last thing that this company wants is for someone to scrutinize what they are watching; that might stop them from buying the underwear.

Already On Board

At the same time, someone may already be wearing their Calvin’s when they saw the ad. Seeing these celebrities wearing the same underwear as them could have a positive effect on their mood and self-image.

These people will be idolised by millions and appear to have it all, which means that they are tapping into all that. Ultimately, their view of themselves will be reinforced after seeing this advert.

The Same Old Story

What Calvin Klein has done with this advert is no different to what other companies have been doing been for decades with their adverts. These companies realise that the only way they are going to sell their products is if they portray them in the right way, and this is why they rely on the power of association.

And let’s face it, if the whole ‘I speak my truth’ stuff was put to one side, what would be left? What would be left are items of clothing that have been made from cotton, nylon and lace – nothing special.

The Truth

Wearing this underwear is not going to allow someone to speak their truth any more than wearing branded trainers will allow them to run faster. At the same time, it can help them if they believe that it will.

Yet, even if this does happen, it will simply show that they are giving their power away to something else. As a result of this, they are allowing something ‘out there’ to define whether or not they feel powerful.

A Strange Scenario

In a way, it is ironic that a designer brand is encouraging people to speak their truth and to be real. Brands like these often prey upon people who don’t know who they are and are out of touch with their own worth.

Often, people like this are going to try to buy what they have lost touch with within themselves. Wearing branded items is then going to be a way for them to feel valuable, desirable, lovable and/or confident, amongst other things.

The Phrase

For someone to speak their truth, they are going to need to have a good connection with their body and to feel safe in their body. This is, of course, assuming that this is the kind of truth that is being spoken about here.

When someone speaks their truth, they are not going to be talking about whether something is objectively truth or not; they will be talking about what is true for them. This relates to their needs and feelings, and how they want to live their own life.

The Solution

If someone has a good connection with their body and feels safe in it, speaking their truth is unlikely to be a challenge. But if they don’t, it is highly unlikely that this will change by wearing branded underwear.

If someone doesn’t have a good connection with their body or if they do but they don’t feel safe there, it probably shows that they are carrying trauma. Naturally, this trauma is not going to be resolved by buying branded underwear.

Final Thoughts

Spending money on things out there to try to change what is taking place on the inside is not going to solve anything. If this money was spent on dealing with what is taking place internally, it would allow someone to truly change their life.

So, if someone can tell that they are carrying trauma or thinks that they might be, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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