BTS'V once got a member of Team T1, which left everyone divided for brutally trolling Jimin over his gaming prowess

BTS’V once got a member of Team T1, which left everyone divided for brutally trolling Jimin over his gaming prowess

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BTS Run episodes are extremely funny. The Boy Gang makes sure to give their fans many moments of comedy and laughter as they pull each other’s legs. Well, we can only expect double the fun when another boy gang joins the band. During Run BTS Ep 115, League of Legends team T1 joined BTS for a gaming session. Both the boys gang gave their all to win but it was T1 that emerged victorious. But the funniest moment was when V got T1 member to dislike Jimin. Also Read – BTS: 3 times Jimin’s sweet friendship with brother melted Sena’s heart

Now, V and Jimin call each other soulmates but they leave no chance to dislike each other. They love to pull each other’s legs and often deliver hilarious moments for the team. So during the chat session, as T1 praised the K-pop band about their gaming prowess, V got Cana (a member of T1) to disband Jimin. After Kanna praises BTS, V whispers something in her ear and also instructs her to say it out loud. Kana then says, “I think Jimin isn’t good at playing games.” Jimin was in shock while all the other members laughed. Also Read – BTS: Did you know that Jungkook once signed a contract with an ARMY and completed it? – Deets inside

Later, Jimin has a chance to be proud as T1 member Kaz thanks Jimin for taking good care of him. Jimin got up from his seat and said proudly, “Did you hear?” However, members of BTS still made fun of his gaming prowess. Hilarious laugh!

In the past, V called Victoria Jiminy Pabo from American Hustle Life. Not knowing what it meant, Victoria followed V’s instructions. Pabo means fool in Korean. Jimin is stunned because basically Victoria called him an idiot. V is very cruel, we must say! But we love this joke to heart, don’t we? Also Read – BTS: Kim Taehyung aka V is your ideal husband material and these 3 statements are proof

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