V's cute antics, Suga exposes ARMY and Jimin's song makes it a delight for fans

V’s cute antics, Suga exposes ARMY and Jimin’s song makes it a delight for fans

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BTS knows how to keep ARMYs happy with regular content. After VLive where he thanked everyone for his fifth week as No. 1 for Butters on the Billboard Hot 100, there was also an episode of Run BTS. The boys seemed really happy. However, ARMY noticed how V/Kim Taehyung and Suga seemed really happy and energetic. Suga’s barbarism was visible everywhere. Here are five highlights from this episode that will blow away your mid-week blues! ALSO READ: BTS Butter tops Billboard Hot 100 chart for fifth straight week

V’s fickleness
Kim Taehyung was in his element. The young man was asked to make a drawing as a second grade student and he did it very well. The height was when he picked up the chairs and the table placed there and used it as an exercise. Also Read – BTS’ Jungkook Names These 3 Korean Celebrities As Its Idols! Can you guess?

army exposed sugar
This has to be the moment of the episode. We know handcuffs started trending after their new pictures. They were talking about the song Baapsee which is famous for the hip thrusts performed by the members. Suga teases J-Hope that Cena loved those moves and that it left him thirsty. Hearing this, Jimin and Jungkook say that their hips worked hard too and they are proud of them. Also Read – Want to Join the Official BTS Club? Here’s How Much You’ll Have to Pay for a Membership

If you are new to fantasy and don’t know what song they are talking about. Have a look at the video…

Jimin starts singing
Park Jimin suddenly started singing Life Goes On in the middle of the broadcast. He also describes how the Matrix moves after a dance performance on Dionysus, which makes him very nauseous.

Staff calls gin handsome
We all know that Jin is handsome all over the world. The funniest part was when a staff member addressed him in the same way as in the episode.

Jungkook does laps
It seems that after winning a round, Jungkook started doing laps while eating a bowl of packed noodles. Fans are unable to get over her cuteness.

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