Wei's parents had a homegrown reaction to getting a friend for Yeotan - find out

Wei’s parents had a homegrown reaction to getting a friend for Yeotan – find out

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BTS’s V aka Kim Taehyung’s parents are just like our parents. You won’t believe it, but it’s true. BTS’ V narrated an incident in which everything became clear. The boys were shooting Festa 2021, where V reveals that he wants to have a friend, Yotan, who has another pet to play with. And when he shared his thoughts with his parents, they had a total homegrown reaction to their idea. While his mom was cool with it (moms are always cool), his dad was not ready. And Jungkook touched our hearts when he said that he would love it if his father got another dog, although he may not initially agree. Also Read – BTS: Jungkook’s Hyungs Suga, J-Hope once exposed Golden McKay’s sexy habits, stinginess and cosmetic theft

For those unaware, Taehyung adopted a Pomeranian Pomeranian, Yeotan, in 2017. When the boys celebrated Jin aka Kim Seokjin’s birthday, they were introduced to ARMY and the rest of the world in a VLIVE session. V is very close to Tanny (her pet name). He is one of the five pets he owns. Yotan previously lived with V in his bedroom but was moved to live with his parents due to V’s busy schedule. The rest of the BTS members are also very fond of Yotan. Also Read – BTS’ Jungkook Sets A New Record On Billboard’s Hot 100 Japan Composer List; Neatjens Trend #CongratulationsJungkook on Twitter

Meanwhile the boys are enjoying Butters’ success. The boys shot for the Rolling Stones cover in May. Taehyung opened as part of its COVID-19 lockdown phase. He said, “It really allowed me to focus on something. Pre-Covid, I was so busy I couldn’t really focus on one thing or really focus on something new.” I could. If I wanted to do a new job, I was really forced to be a picker. I couldn’t dive deeper. But during the last year, I had more time. In my job, I really Tried to produce more and then go more in-depth on my music. My melodies weren’t that complicated or complicated at first, I thought. But I wanted to focus more energy into it, listen to more music, and actually do more things. And I think, it really helped me dive into the productive aspect of making music. And I had a lot of time to come up with good tunes, and I had plenty of time to sit and vegetate. There was plenty of time too. [Laughs] And that helped me too.” Also Read – Trending Hollywood News Today: BTS’s V and J-Hope’s New Haircuts Drive ARMY Bonkers, Jennifer Hudson in Respect Trailer and More

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