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Here are some interesting new revelations about BTS that we bet you didn’t know

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Popular South Korean band BTS opens up about his music, his personal life, future goals and more in his interview for Rolling Stone’s “The Future of Music Issue.” Let’s take a look at 10 new things that we learned about BTS through them. Also Read – Ariana Grande Shares Intimate Wedding Photos With Husband Dalton Gomez – See Inside Photos

V was a hidden member of BTS Also Read – BTS Wins Billboard Music Awards 2021 Ahead of Main Show BIG; Here’s How Wei, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, RM, J-Hope reacted

Did you know that V was a hidden member of BTS? Members didn’t reveal V publicly until 11 days before the start of BTS. Bang Si Hyuk told Rolling Stone the reason why he chose V for the part, saying, “We needed the momentum to announce that a team called BTS was finally complete. V’s appearance and personality mattered.” I had a lot of charm, so I thought it would be impressive when he last appeared. It was an effective strategy to inform the overall image of the team as well as leave an impression for each member.” Being a secret member of BTS, V was left unhappy as he could not participate in BTS’s pre-dawn activities. Also Read – BTS dropped the music video of their new single Butter, and ARMY can’t keep calm – see reactions

Suga shares his thoughts about ARMY and dating

Suga said the ARMY is not a single entity but a group of individuals with their own feelings.

Jin reveals his deferred military service

Under BTS laws, male idols who have received government medals for their cultural contributions can apply for deferment until they are 30 years old, meaning those who do not have to be admitted until 2022.

RM talks about the struggles BTS faced during the most beautiful moment of her life

RM, who is one of the oldest members of BTS, spoke about the most beautiful moment in life era and said that it started in 2015. ‚ÄúDespite the name, the most beautiful moment in life, that was a very difficult period for me and for us. 2 Cool 4 We had a tough image in school, in those early stages, cruelty and a kind of exaggeration of that anger expression.”

Jungkook gets inspiration from Ariana Grande

Jungkook reveals that singer Ariana Grande inspires him. He was inspired after seeing his performance in person. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jungkook said, “It’s true that I couldn’t spend many days in school, but I think I gained more than I lost.” “I was sometimes jealous of all my friends hanging out or going on a trip. Maybe those are things I missed. But again, I think I gained more than I lost is. “

Jimin didn’t always think he was good at dancing, but always enjoyed it

Jimin is one of the most famous dancers in K-pop. There was a time when he didn’t recognize his talent and didn’t think he was good at dancing.

J-Hope plans for second mixtape

Fans of J-Hope have been eagerly waiting for the sequel to his Hope World for years. But, he revealed that his next mixtape will be more mature than his first mixtape. He even said that he would try to incorporate the stories he wanted to tell in the other mixtapes.

V’s acting plans in the future

bts butter photo teaser teaser bts butter photo teaser teaser

Did you know V made his debut in Hvarang: The Poet Warrior Youth? The handsome star said that acting is something that he is thinking about after turning 30.

bts and their styling scene

During the initial phase, BTS’s style and fashion choices were limited to their small budget agencies. Jungkook revealed that he now has more freedom and can explore in terms of fashion. He even said that now they hold meetings to decide on their concepts.

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